Now it is all crystal clear to me!

There are some aspects of life I've always wondered about;
A really big wonderment for me has been how I choose to live day to day vs. what this world is actually like in response most of the times.

Now I finally (approaching 70 y/o !!) have a perfectly fitting explanation !!

My own POV is very similar to that shown by Bugs Bunny=>
"...beyond corruption, exploitation, fraudulence or depravity..."
Previously this just looked like being indomitable, which is also true for me, but now this definition has expanded in a very good way for me.

Then there is what the world responds to pretty much everything with - and this is the experience shown by Elmer Fudd - always wanting to 'kill the wabbit', but getting blown up instead.

Whereas many folks choose to 'question authority', this old man instead questions REALITY...endlessly.

Bugs Bunny shows us that life challenges are interesting animated jokes.

If I was younger this all might have inspired me to make a 'church of Bugs Bunny' !!!

But wait - this has already been done...have a look here:

They have quite an impressive mission statement too, including this wisdom:

We here at the Church of Bugs understand that if you believe in what you are doing and believe in yourself then DAMN the torpedoes and put your heart and soul into it!!!…….. (unless what you believe in is hurting or harming others in any way, thats not cool at all dude… come on dude, pull it together).

IMO all that is WAY better than the simple answer of '42' !!!

If you do not see Bugs in all, you do not see Bugs at all

When I posted that & did the proofreading what came to mind was that it would either be totally ignored - get maybe a single snarky reply - or that someone would be sure to give that Huffpost link - which I did not point out figuring that it was too lengthy & folks here would not wish to read such a long missive !!

I did later share the link to this post with my oldest friend though - knowing in full that it'd get some sort of snarky reply & he definitely provided that.

You see having both come from very financially constrained families, we took very different paths through life;
I could never care very much about $$ - to me it was always more important to follow my Heart & also make sure just to have enough with as little struggle as possible.
My dear friend chose the path of better returns leading to an abundance of $$$$$$ & properties, etc. - so of course he saw that Church of Bugs as an ecommerce thing & snarked at that aspect of it. response to him was=>
Money, money, money, always with the money...

(Which in my POV is yet another accurate observation of living in this world !!)

There I go, "someone", again.
Your welcome One, hey better than totally ignored I guess.

Dear Redrotors,
When I made the OP here, my exact thought WAS 'someone', based upon the impression that there are at least several members at this forum & it seemed likely that curiosity might drive WHOMEVER that might be to search and easily find that page.

I do thank you for your time and attention - and also acknowledge all the other times when you've been helpful to me - thanks.

I am quite accustomed to being regarded as the odd man out in our very mainstream dominated world, often ignored AND in all truth I do enjoy being sort of unseen much of the time by most others.

My motivation in posting this thread was to see if there might come any affirmation of similar mindset from anyone else here (and NO - there is no specific notion of whom 'anyone' might possibly be).

Thanks Again.

If you took any implication of any offence or snark from my brief reply absolutely none was intended.
Was my turn to be that someone, fulfilling one of your predicted paths.
I actually attended a few lectures by the author of that piece so was aware of the follow on.

I would guess that the folks that came up with Pastafarianism (flying spaghetti monster) did pretty well financially even if that wasn't their goal.

Sorry to veer away from your goal re mindset feedback perhaps some will engage, not I.

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