Now is the time to buy a laptop

I've been exhaustively researching laptops and just ordered this:

A bit expensive but I had several requirements that were hard to find in a single laptop.

While researching, I found many great deals on slickdeals and reddit. If you're in the market, it seems like a great time to buy and no need to wait for black Friday.

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Thanks for the tip. In your searching, did you happen to see a more budget-friendly option with the following?

Objective Features
15.6" Full HD Touchscreen
Backlit Keyboard
256 GB SSD
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U (Or Similar)

Subjective Features
Loud (Volume) Speakers (Don't Have To Be Great Quality, Just Loud)

I saw those specs in a Gateway at Walmart and an HP at Office Depot for $250 to $300.

The HP seems better and cheaper.

Don't know about backlit keyboards and speaker volume though.

Re speaker volume, I use an extension on chrome to boost volume when needed.

Nice specs. Once you go SSD you never go back. Speed is great.

How much you wind up paying? $250?

Personally i prefer 16 ddr4. You can always upgrade cheaply. Unless they buried the slot behind the keyboard.

Enjoy it

Actually the specs show 8ram Is sodered on and 8 ram upgradable. 2 slots