Now 4 years of Updates for most "New" Android phones

"There are a couple of caveats to Project Treble. First off it will only apply to phones with Qualcomm chipsets; granted a lot of Android phones use Snapdragon chips...The second caveat is that this new update initiative will only start with phones that have the Snapdragon 888 and launch with Android 11..."

Yes good news but will require an upgrade.

This is good news but it should be understood that many existing Android phones can already be upgraded unofficially.

Some are very easy to upgrade and mine are even receiving regular ota updates now.

I'd like to hear more! Do you have an example?


Rooting and custom roms can lead to bricked phones. It can seem easy but there is a lot that can go wrong even when just following a list of steps. Plus it depends on your phone what support is available and how easy it is to do.

But yes an option but certainly not something 90% of android owners will want to do.

Having official updates for longer is fantastic news. Hopefully it filters to cheaper phones too and not just flagships. When apple is supporting for 5 years + any closing of the gap is great for android users.

Seems like I should have remembered that thread: I have one of the Moto E 2015's, and it drew my attention at the time. Thanks for the reminder!