Not the land of Milk and Honey

Amazon's calling PayPal's 4 billion $ "Honey" browser extension a security risk is likely an instance of the pot calling the kettle black or what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Another proof of how competitive the E-commerce landscape is.

I've noticed on numerous occasions while shopping on Amazon that items with Prime shipping are listed for a few dollars more than the exact same item with the lowest price on another site. Since the Amazon item has free shipping and can be ordered in seconds, not to mention the free, hassle-free returns, I usually go for the slightly more expensive Amazon offer. But if PayPal's "Honey" comparison tool shows the same item as less expensive on Amazon's competitor sites, then many people probably opt for the lower-priced offer---hence Amazon's displeasure.

Poor, poor amazon - they should call 1-800-waawaawaa !!

Both of these horribly greedy corpies play games with pricing - we have seen this repeatedly.

It has been most visible for things we've gotten to help keep our old dog healthy & comfortable.
Buy 1 of an item - finish that sale - go back to the item a minute later - the price is up several dollars.
(I am quite certain that this is not because some commodity suddenly changed pricing within about a minute's time...)

IMO this is merely the greed of giants 'milking the cows' for all they are worth at every opportunity.

A shame that those in charge cannot be exiled to Ferenginar - where they would be more than welcome despite their being mere hoo-mans.

Speaking of Amazon's dark side, check this out:

I think Amazon's dark side is business as usual for many companies, and the deeper the company pockets, the less chance the small fry has of taking on such Goliaths. But sometimes where there's a will there's a way to prevail against the giants of industry. The woman who sued and won against Honda in California small claims is one case of a small fry getting some comeuppance from a huge company. I believe she was an attorney which likely helped her cause.

EDIT: Woman Wins Small Claims Suit Against Honda Over Mileage - ABC News

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