Nomorobo question


So it seems that the pending on the carrier that you use is how Nomorobo works.

FiOS:. When a telemarketer calls you will see the number or name on the TV or phone but no ring. This is great because even one ring can wake you.

Time Warner:. You get one ring and it shows on the television who is calling what stops it from further ring. the problem is the constant one ring is very annoying and can wake you.

The nomorobo website states that you must have a ring. For various reasons. But how come that's not the case on FiOS?

Any suggestions on how to stop the one ring on any carrier?

Would getting an actual physical box too attached to your phone that blocks calls solve this issue?

Besides having a non polish number course

Any suggestions is welcomed.

I'm not sure why Nomorobo would work differently with Verizon Fios. If the corded/cordless phone is displaying caller ID for the blocked calls, perhaps the ringer is delayed.

Nomorobo website says they need the one ring to block and let you know it is working

I am thinking of changing carriers and might get the stupid one ring. Thinking of getting a call block box from eBay ect. To block the one ring

If you have or can get a good deal on a used Obihai OBi110, there is an option to delay ringing ('RingDelay' specified in milliseconds). Why the long delay before an incoming landline call rings the OBI110 phone port?

How would that help with nomorobo that website says it must ring once

The call will ring for the caller, but you can delay the ring on your end (meaning the first ring can be silenced).

But my phone number will have to be ported to that device? Rather not do that. Not familiar with the product