NoLed notification App Help

This app worked perfectly on a Verizon Moto e4

Now with a factory unlocked Moto e4

The app will Not auto start on reboot and it un-checks the Switch NoLed on in settings.

The auto start is checked in settings.

I tried many things to fix. But none work.

The app is off Google play. So I can't ask dev.

Any suggestions? Most appreciated

Or a similar app that repeats sound notification interval. And has vibration interval

Here's the developer's email address, assuming it's still valid:

I've used Missed Notification Reminder by Eugene Popivich (in the Play Store).
I've been happy with it, for the most part. I think it will do what you want, with audible reminders and/or vibration. You can set reminder intervals and the number of repeats.
It's reliable. It's installed on every device I've tried it on, and works fine. (A Moto G4 Play, a Nokia on Android 9, and a phone with Android Go 8.)
The developer does seem responsive, and to continue active development.

The bad:
The list of processes to monitor is not intuitive, and is by Android process name. I had to read through some discussion threads and some trial and error to get it to monitor what I wanted. (Missed calls, native text, Google Voice text.) I'd be glad to share the processes I found to work, which seem consistent on the phones I've installed it on.
Minimal choice of notification sounds. I think I read there's a way to custom load notification sounds, but I didn't care enough to follow up.
No LED-simulation. (I didn't need this anyway.)

I've also tried Missed Call Reminder by DO Software. Similar app, but much more intuitive to select processes to monitor. Better selection of notification sounds. It does have LED/Flash. The developer still seems active. (It wouldn't work with either Android 8? or 9? at first, but that seems to have been fixed.)
The bad: it won't monitor Google Voice, or a number of other apps, unless you pay for the professional version (I think $3). It's not compatible with my Android Go phone.

NoLed dev has pulled his app and is MIA.

I just spent hours reading XDA and tinkering.

Seems NoLed has a widget. Most did not know about. I was one. There was no need the app worked fine on other phone.

Putting the widget on my home screen. Will turn the app on automatically after reboot. Even though my phone's reboot turns it off on this new to me phone factory unlocked moto e4. Small price to pay to have it now work.

Then the you mail app which was recognized before stopped. Clicking the launch Apps toggle fixed this

The reason I love this noled app:

As you know the moto e4 has No led light. Sigh
The app uses the screen to show icons that move and uses audio (you choose ringtone) and long vibration (I like 3 in a row setting) so when phone in my jacket. I feel it. I can ask app to repeat in 10 seconds or any amount I choose.

The icons show me what triggered the app. I text, missed call, voicemail.

It does not use too much battery.

I do not understand why the factory moto e4 is different then the Verizon. The camera has more features.
The screen is more yellow (yuck). I fixed this with an app filter your screen. The notification icons are different too. Same phone but why the changes for the worse?

I appreciate the replies

Missed Notification Reminder:. Does it have icons to tell you if you have text, voicemail ect?

Missed Call Reminder :
Does it have icons to tell you if you have text, voicemail ect?

Since I have Google opinions (thanks to hungry ghost, the gift that keeps on giving) I do not mind paying money for pro versions

Thanks so much I installed these as a back up in case noled acts up again

Missed Notification Reminder does not have notification icons per se-- it provides notification of each 'missed' event in the notification bar. (And depending on your phone, possibly on the lock screen.)

I don't remember on Missed Call Reminder-- I'm not currently using the phone I installed it on.

My personal frustration: some of my phones do not properly activate notification dots on app icons. This is an android issue or a manufacturer build issue, not a fault with the apps above.

Although there is no more support. You can still find old version of NoLed. Try it. You can tell it to notify on different apps like voice,YouMail ECT.

When it works it is great

This bad issues are the only issues I ever had. Spending hours to fix a app that is no longer supported is not fun