No video links. thread creator can turn off video links

A check box allowing or not allowing video links in a thread you create. Also gifs

Some posters use it as a distraction. Even after repeated requests to leave videos out

Using videos to troll

Yes some of the videos lately have been off topic or totally inappropriate. For example showing scenes of violence even in humor goes too far.

No offense, but aren't you the OP of a thread that included video links?

I think that is unfair.

You bring up a very interesting issue,
When one starts a topic on nth forum, are we casting seeds on the wind, to encourage discussion wherever it may lead,
Or, by starting a topic the initiator has control over what is subsequently posted,
I believe both POV have their place here, and there is room for both.Topics which focus on an issue , and wide rranging discussions as well..

I am being picked on. And all my threads should not be hijacked. Thus control the video links should be in the thread openers control

Is that how you really feel? If so, that's truly unfortunate. I believe it's safe to say no one is picking on you. Sometimes, in life, people will have differences of opinion on various subjects.

..are you seriously telling me how to feel?

What I stated is a fact. Many others here agree with this fact. The ones that agree tend to be be users of Cellnuvo.

If thread openers have the powers to contol video links. It would be a good thing

Btw if you do not believe I am being attacked by trolls. Please go to the newly formed blog that mentions me by name.
The attack there on me is hideous.

I do find it offensive that you insinuate that this is all a figment of my imagination

R U Ok?