No Taxes for Tello?

I just renewed my Tello account and there were no taxes on my bill. Anyone else seen this?

What Tello plan do you have?
I know if you use Tello for Data only NO minutes or Text there are no T&F

I have data min and text. for 7 bucks. In the past it's always ended up around 7.87 They normally have 911 fee, and taxes but this time it was just 7 bucks even.


Did you possibly use your Tello dollars for payment? They don't add any taxes when you cash in your rewards.

UPDATE: It must have been a "one-off" because I just renewed my Wife's plan and it had the normal taxes and fees like normal. Oh well.....

No, I didn't use Tello dollars.

I am paying $5 a month for 500mb LTE / unlimited 3G / PAYGO voice.