No surprise on the most popular topics on this forum

Tello and Cellnuvo. The two lowest cost providers.

Yes FreedomPop is technically also low cost, but it suffers from a trust issue.

It will be interesting to see how the forum develops over time.

A fundamental difference between this forum and the RingPlus forum is that it offers an opportunity for a much broader range of topics.

The RingPlus forum was focused very heavily on device, account, and plan problems members were having which is just not relevant here.

Probably the main reason for the threads you noted being the most active is that members are still migrating. That may change, at least on an incremental basis, fairly soon.

Since RingPlus was all about cheap cell service Tello and CellNUVO are the natural focal points at this stage.

Freedompop billing issues are typically avoided by using the technique suggested on SD, use a one time use CC to authorize the account, so, they can never charge you even accidentally. Sad one may want to go to that level of course.

No doubt we should not see much discussion of the same ol R+ issues people had. And that is a good thing indeed1

Trust issues is being charitable with FreedomPop. Can't believe any credit card company would process payments for them.

ring+ forum is ban happy.They banned me and I needed to ask a few questions but couldn't.I watched a guy post about this forum and relaxed banning and he said good maybe we can talk freely.He was banned in front of me and his post was removed thats sad.I will never ringplus ever again in my lifetime that was a nightmare for me. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.