No 'Soup' (Twigby referral reward) for me

I signed up for Twigby, put in the referral information per instructions which seemed straightforward enough, double checked to make sure I had entered the referral information correctly, hit enter and waited for the $20 credit to post. Around the 45 day mark I called to find out when it would post and asked the rep to check the status. The rep informed me that there was no referral reward on my account and asked if I had a screen shot of the referral reward entry. I never thought to take a screen shot of each step along the way. The rep also mentioned something about a 5 day verification window which I have no idea what he was talking about. I think I followed the instructions on the sign up page correctly but according to the rep, without a screenshot of the particular page showing the reward entry information neither myself or the person whose referral information I submitted will be getting the $20 credit.

Well, that's a drag! Frankly, I would have expected Twigby to be a little more understanding.

Companies that offer referral rewards really need to make sure the process works, and go out of their way to make it right if it doesn't. Otherwise, they run the risk of ticking off both the new customer & the old customer-- even if the service itself is excellent. (And all reports I've seen indicate that Twibgy's service is excellent & fairly priced.)

I'd just ask them to add it if it didn't show up. When I was with Twigby they had to be manually entered anyway after sign up. Most mvnos are reasonable when it comes to referrals.

That would be a shame if they are being difficult about it as they were very good when I was with them a year or two ago.

Reasonable? Requiring a screen shot of the page that the referral code was entered on?
It is a cheap trick on new and old customers to advertise rewards, then not credit them to either one based on requiring a screenshot of a specific point in the process that was never mentioned in the referral page.

Go through the order process again until you get to the referral code entry page. Put in the code and take a screen shot.

If I follow als' link, and explore a little, I find this:

"The rules are easy. Referral rewards are processed after the new customer has 45 days of active service with us. A customer becomes active when they activate their phone and begin paying service, which is also known as their activation date. Reward credits are issued 45 days after their activation date. Both accounts must be active and in good standing at the time the credit is being issued to receive credit. If one account does not qualify, neither account will receive a credit. The referral reward amount is determined by the activation date of the new customer."

So it seems 45 days is the wait period. Since credits don't appear for 45 days, no one would likely start an inquiry earlier.
I think maybe the 5 days is intended to be a grace period for the initial referral request. (For example, if I missed the spot to enter it, or didn't know my friend's phone # or account # at the time......)

yes a unreasonable. Try chatting in again. A different agent may give you a different answer. Just ask apply it. They can see both of you have been active for 45 days which is the important criteria to meet.

Given our very limited cellular choices in this rural area, we have been quite happy with what we get via Twigby.

We did get 2 sign-up rewards at the beginning that were pretty amazing considering how they wiped out so much of the bill.

Since then (IIRC), 2 different folks used our referral and neither has paid off.
This is not impressive, but also not reason enough to dump them as we have no better alternative here, and:
What we get with Twigby has been 100% dependable in meeting our needs since we started with them.

I tend to use my Redpocket (AT&T) phone the most when I am out & about - whereas my partner pretty much totally avoids using her AT&T based TF because she is more comfortable with her (purple !!) Twigby phone as she knows where & when in her travels to expect good coverage...and so it goes.

My thoughts for anyone considering Twigby are simply these:
1 - the service itself is terrific & cheap;
2 - they have the VZ fallback which is unique AFAIK in the cellular realm.

For me, when the monthly charge comes through I am always impressed at just how little we pay for the goodness of it, BUT:
They have shown a failing in paying out the referral bonuses, so I would say to anyone getting Twigby from now on just to get it & don't bother trying to get that nice looking gift as it has shown itself to be just a wasted effort.

[size=] I tried. here is a copy of my last chat with Twigby. 40 minutes on chat and only Baloney
So glad you found us today.[/size]

For a limited time -- new customers are still eligible for our 25% discount on service for six months!

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als 16:20
I signed up for Twigby, phone number........ut in the referral information per instructions which seemed straightforward enough, double checked to make sure I had entered the referral information correctly, hit enter and waited for the $20 credit to post. I used the referral information ................ and still have not received any credit. Please post the credit to my account.
Thank you
Steve 16:20
I will be happy to check on that
als 16:21
Thank you
Steve 16:21
Thank you
Steve 16:21
Can you please verify the account for me with your 4-digit PIN number?
als 16:22

Steve 16:22
Thank you
I am not able to find the referral on the account unfortunately
als 16:27
I filled out the referral form online and hit the enter button.
Steve 16:27
I am very sorry it does not appear to be on the account
Was it entered on another account possibly?
als 16:30
I am a new customer . I entered the referral information at sign up
Steve 16:30
I understand you completely, unfortunately we are outside of the 5 day window to manually add the referral

This article outlines the policy
als 16:33
Since credits don't appear for 45 days, no one would likely start an inquiry earlier.
Steve 16:34
We have several people chat in daily to check on them to make sure they are added. I am very sorry the situatio[size=6][/size]n.
als 16:36

Can you please escalate this session. I entered the referral information and neither one of us has received any credit after entering the information in good faith and waiting patiently for 45 days to see the credit in our accounts
Steve 16:38
Sure, do you have any screen shots or pictures of the referral being entered?
als 16:40
No! I am not even sure what a screen shot is Nor is it mentioned that I need one in your instructions
Steve 16:41
It is not officially required in any capacity, I always do them personally when signing up for things of this nature
als 16:51
So I entered in the referral information on the sign up form, I waited patiently for the 45 days . Now you are denying the referral credit based on what you do personally. Not the information on the public website for the credit to post. and now you(Twigby) are denying the credit based on what you always do personally not what is official.. Again, I am requesting that you please escalate this to the nest level.
Steve 16:51
I believe there is some confusion here
The chat does not approve the referral credits
I was only trying to assist you in strengthening your case to see if you had anything to submit along with the escalation
Is the email on file the best way to get in touch with you?
als 16:55
Obviously chat does refuse requests for referral confirmation.There is no other venue for customers to request redress. I am requesting that you escalate this so that it may be resolved.
Steve 16:56
When have you been denied referral confirmation?
Steve 17:03
Do you know when this chat took place?
als 17:04
I tried I will be posting this converstion on the message boards .
Not to the point. Deflecting from the original problem. You are no help at all.Y'sll did not operate in good faith nor escalate the referral as requested andreviews you used to get. Goodbye.
Steve 17:04
My apologies, I am was again trying to assist you
Type in your message here and press Enter to send
End result NO JOY NO ESCALATION[size=6] NO HOPE[/size]

"We wanted to relay that the referral credits have now been added to your account.
Thank you for being a Twigby customer!"
Thank you TWIGBY and Thank you nth circle for being a power for good!

Maybe the fact that you actually posted your experience made them reconsider the possible implications.

I for one, was cautious about them with the experience shared.

Wonderful news Als !!
It is so rare in these days for a company to admit or correct their mistakes or oversights.