No Service!

My $10/month line is not working today (next payment in 2 days). When trying to dial out, I'm getting "insufficient funds" message, "not reachable" when calling in.

What carrier?

My free line is working normally, for what it's worth.

FreeUp uses AT&T

Thanks, I just added all the minutes for the last month and it's almost 3,500. My wife uses this line for work. I wonder if this is a limit of "unlimited" issue, or renewal hiccup. Waiting for CS to respond.

Hope you hear from FU soon and get things resolved. Looking at the TOS below, the issue might have to do with what FU thinks is an abnormally high number of calls. Then, again, the issue just might be the result of another of many glitches in the FU universe.

"UNLIMITED PLANS: Our Unlimited Plans come with unlimited minutes and short message service (“SMS” or “text message”) also known as text messaging, and specific amount of Data for the number of Service days stated in the Unlimited Plans on our website. Please note that the unlimited Service plans do not track “per minute” usage for nationwide calls or text messages. The Unlimited Service plans are subject to certain limitations. You can also purchase additional airtime for international calling, and international text messaging. If your data usage in exceeds your prepaid data allotment on your Unlimited Plan, you can purchase additional data in increments of 1 gigabyte (“GB”), or 500 megabytes (“MB”), at any time during your 30-day account cycle."

"We will presume you are engaging in a prohibited use in violation of these Terms and Conditions if in our opinion, you are placing an abnormally high number of calls, or repeatedly placing calls of unusually long duration, or if your talk, text or Mobile Web usage is harmful or disruptive to the Carrier’s network or Services. "

Sounds more like a glitch. I don't know about freeup in particular but many providers would at least provide a warning to you about over use of unlimited minutes and cut you off in future months. It is often an average rather than an isolated month too though most providers keep it to themselves what is deemed over use.

Thank you Isamorph and mmfacemm. I appreciate your support!

CS just replied:

"I am sorry for the trouble.
We have reset your services.
Please turn your phone off and back on and try to place a call out/in.

thank you!

FreeUP Support"

It works again. Hooray!