No Retention Program

I called Sprint, a few weeks ago, and told them that I was at the end of my free year and that I had had a very positive experience.

I said that I'd like to continue on, with Sprint, but that there were too many $25 deals around to justify me paying $60/month to stay with them.

The rep said that they were putting together a retention offer for people like me and said that she'd contact me within a few weeks with a deal that would encourage me to stay.

I called again, this morning, and a different rep said that the $60 plan was my only option and that they understood that I'd probably be leaving.

Oh well. I thought they'd be coming up with something good for the free year people.

I'll be porting out to Mint, today.

This is pretty common I've found. If you can find a retention rep willing to offer anything, it's like you need to get it in writing or it disappears forever.

Bad business model.

Port out and you will get a up to $100 port back in offer email.

I like having a line on Sprint because there are places we camp and travel, in eastern Nebraska, and between Las Vegas and Phoenix, where Sprint signal is the only signal we get.

Plus, I have family in Florida, and Sprint kicks butt in Florida. (Better than my AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon lines.)

I moved a line to Boost, recently, and that will probably suffice for my Sprint line (along with an Unreal Mobile line that I also have). I thought it would be nice to have access to the full roaming agreements that Sprint offers (I'm not sure if Boost enjoys those roaming agreements).

If I can't get back to the Sprint mother ship, in 3 months, then I'll probably just move this phone to Red Pocket Verizon (it's my Moto G4 Play).

I'd like to be able to use my CellNUVO gold but I don't want to pay more than $25/month for my Sprint line.

Yearly redpocket with 3 gig lte. 255 gold 21.25 per month

I've got so many unlimited plans, already, that I'll probably just go for a minimalist plan, with Red Pocket.

Our T-Mobile plans take care of pretty much all of our data needs and the unlimited Boost plan, for $25/mo., is icing on the cake. And I still have some working unlimited 3g Verizon MiFi devices.

If I can't use CellNUVO Gold I'll probably be looking for something that's $10/mo or less for that phone.