No pop-up window to unsuspend account anymore?

Have to contact cs to unsuspend my account... Would they later charge a fee for unsuspending?

(Ive never needed to pay to reactivate the account...)

Charge Layout for contacting CS
Email? No (they say they respond within 3-5 business days, but its more like 1-2)
Calling? Yes
Hopefully the issue can be resolved from someone else though..

I haven't seen this either-- How long did you go without using data? (Just wondering if it's a 2-step process.)

If you really want some experience, watch a long video to push up data usage in a short time, then your account will be suspended.

Ahh, H-H: it sounds like you have a "suspicious activity" suspension.

I tried to google for further information.... without too much luck.
There are 2 prime reasons (other than financial) for an account to suspend.

  1. for non-use during 30 days. (And from my experience, this is a rolling 30-day period, not the same as the 30-day renewal period.)

  2. For "suspicioius" data use. No one seems to have a very firm grip on what FP considers "suspicious". Chelle has reported in this forum that several of her SIMs will suspend regularly as "suspicious" even if they only use 20mb or so to update an app. I think PEW originally reported on this here, when using over 200mb in a short period. I've seen reports elsewhere guessing that it might be related to using a VPN.

I've been hit by the first, but not by the "suspicious" variant, even when I tried by exceeding 250mb in a couple of hours, which realistically is suspicious for my SIM, since I rarely use over 100mb in a month.
I'm curious if reaching out to Support will be necessary for both types of suspensions-- but I'll likely find out soon.

Just another side note on the 30-day non-use suspension: I have FP/Sprint, Global, and LTE SIMs. I've had the GSM SIMs suspend for non-use after 34 days. So far, I haven't had the Sprint network SIMs suspend for non-use, other than way long ago when I didn't use it for several months.

Yes, my accounts were suspended due to suspicious activity. Apparently I swiped too much for cellnuvo. (No, I did not watch porn.)

This thing happened to me quite a few times before but I used to be able to find a notice in my account and there is a reactivation button for me to click to unsuspend my accounts. But this time there is no such reactivation means available on my side.

It happened to my LTE sim and sprint phone quite a few times before. Now no self help reactivation available.

H-H, or anyone else with problems with a missing 'unsuspend' button on the FreedomPop dashboard.....

From some good folks over at Howard Forums, this tip: Go to the old account dashboard site. If necessary, make some change to the account, either adding Global 100 service (free), or changing the name or email information in settings. Either is reported to make the unsuspend button appear.

Links for the old dashboard:

Thank you KentE