No pix wireless service during road trip

I recently took a road trip and only had pix wireless service at one location over a 1200 mile journey while another phone tied to a different verizon mvno showed service and was able to make and receive phone calls over the entire trip. The pix wireless service using a moto e repeatedly showed no sim card while the cheap zte phone on a different verizon mvno had service and was able to make and receive calls the entire trip. It didn't seem to make any difference if I left the phone on or if I turned it off and only turned it on when I stopped. I tried it both ways. I also tried going into settings but could not access any tower, roaming or lte information settings cause the phone showed no sim. Needless to say I will be looking for another provider. Weird.

If it was showing no SIM card it sounds more like a handset problem than a network problem.

Did you try switching the sim into the zte?

I agree that it sounds like either a handset issue, or an issue with the SIM card itself.

I had a Sprint phone that worked flawlessly for months, and then acted up with a similar "no SIM card" report. I did have to replace the SIM card, and the phone worked flawlessly after.

als, I believe Verizon SIMs can be moved from one phone to another. If your Moto E and ZTE use the same size SIM, you might try swapping the 2 SIMs to see whether the problem stays with the SIM, or the device.

It might also be worthwhile to remove and reinsert the Moto E SIM, and cleaning the contact surface on the SIM-- I would use a Q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Hi Als,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. This is defiantly related to either the sim or your handset as others have stated. Can you possibly test the sim in another device?

If you think it's related to the sim please DM me and we'll get you another one sent right away.

Thank you