No Gooey Chocolate

Wow--1 billion to make sure their candy bars do not melt. I wish they had another billion to donate to dental research for cavity prevention.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Should you ever have a billion to donate to this worthy SJW cause, arrange to do it through a representative in an arm-length transaction so you are not identified.

The cavity business is much more than a billion dollar a year business and such social engineering would be very detrimental to the economic well being of those who depend on a predictable flow of cavity-laden patients.

Agreed. Cavities are the "hole-y" grail for dentists. Now that you mention it, I'm so worried for them that I think I'll have an Abba Zabba bar followed by a box of Milk Duds in the hopes of helping to keep our dental practitioners' standard of living from declining. :slight_smile:

What we need is a SJW billionaire who went through dental science hell because of his/her bad teeth and wants revenge against the dental industry for charging a few million to fix his/her teeth. Or maybe just Madonna.

There is that activist dentist who, every year at Halloween time, buys the candy from the kids who collected it trick or treating. Given that 7 year old kids prefer to eat candy rather than have whatever that thing is adults call money, this idea has severe limitations. What does the dentist do with all the candy he purchases. Maybe this activist dentist has found the perfect way to advertise his dental practise. Then again, maybe he has received some death threats from anonymous colleagues.

"Cavities are the "hole-y" grail for dentists." Great description. I must say that you're going way back in history when you talk of "Abba Zabba" bars. I believe this candy was a significant aid when I was learning my ABC's. This old candy bar also reminds me of the old, tortoise speed, belt driven, jackhammer-like dental drills that were still in use during much of my youth. Whenever I walk past someone working a jackhammer, it brings back fond memories from my youth. Having been alive many years now, it has become obvious to me that dental science is far from being an exact science.

Well, that makes sense, considering that when I was in school History was still Current Events. :slight_smile: