No double points today?

It's past 7 pm Eastern but I didn't get the split pot results pop-up, nor am I getting double points. Did something change?

Incidentally, a couple days ago, the pop-up said it had no contest numbers for me when I had put in my 20 swipes
during the double points period the previous day.

Anyone else seeing similar things?

Right now, it says "no active contest".

I haven't had any problems, previously.

Same thing for me. I submitted a thread about this a few minutes earlier but it got caught in the moderation queue.

They have been working on an app update for a while so I suspect it is related and just a temporary glitch.


I have no idea if it's related to an app update.
I didn't get all of my 20 swipes in yesterday. On my devices, the day did not reset. (I stopped with 15 entries left yesterday, and still had 15 entries left when I picked up the phone to swipe 1 & 1/2 hours after the 'new day' reset time.)

The daily split-the-pot still isn't working for me. 2 days, and the counter hasn't reset. The match game doesn't seem to be working, either-- the pot size counter never moves off 0.

Split the pot is now working for me.

Both resumed working for me since this morning. Let's hope everything stays working from this point forward.