Nice surprise bonus from Tello

We have a minimal Tello line with 200mb of data. I just got an email from Tello telling me they're giving me an extra gig of data (non-recurring) for the month.


Cool! If it weren't for Sprint service in my are being bad, I would have stayed with them. Customer service was very responsive and their plans meet the needs of a few of us. At least FreeUp seems to be doing the trick for us now and the flexibility to put the SIM in whatever phone we want is a plus.

My Tello line is frequently my jobsite phone. For that type of use, I kind of like the Sprint system of registering the MEID/ICCID. I have an inexpensive phone on the line, and if it goes missing or broken, a quick visit to my dashboard has me up and running again on a spare phone.

True true. At least they make it easy.

It's certainly nice of them. Was their any occasion for the bonus or was it across their customer base?

Personally I find one-time/one-month bonuses close to useless since I already set my plans for expected normal monthly usage. And a one time bonus will likely go unused. On the other hand, a monthly bonus allows me to potentially adjust my plan cost downwards.

The Tello email didn't specify an occasion-- I've had the line slightly over 2 years (25 months), so maybe an anniversary?
I only have one Tello monthly plan, so I don't know if others might have received it.

joseph, I'm in the same boat as you-- I'm not likely to use more data just because it's there this month. Maybe I'll splurge a little and not wait til I'm on Wifi a day or 2!