News Quiz: Why the White House is Contesting the Results?


A. Because they care about America and integrity of the elections.

B. Because they believe there are organized efforts to sway the election against them.

C. Because they honestly think they were significantly harmed by illegal activities.

D. Because they have to maintain the facade to Don the Con that he won even though they do not believe it themselves.

E. Because they found another way to fleece gullible supporters into donating money for lawsuits that will never happen.


A. Give me a break.

B. Pot calling kettle.

C. Laughable.

D. Good answer.

E. Damn. You know those grifters too well.

Answer 'E' reminds me of another fleecing of gullible supporters a long time ago. How We Killed the Tea Party - POLITICO Magazine

Democrats got suckered in as well with all the money they donated that eventually failed to flip the Senate.

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