New Year, New Forum Categories

Hi everyone,

I've been doing a bit of housekeeping. I've created a few new forum areas as well as renamed and/or shuffled others around.

With this new forum organization, I could really use the community's help, to keep things tidy and properly organized.

If anyone sees a thread that belongs in a different place, please flag and suggest where to move it.


Thanks @hungryghost.

Would it make sense for "Hot Deals" to be a category instead of topic/thread?

"Hot Deals" seems to be pinned at the top of the General Category, so at least it's easy for the regulars to find. Not sure that newbies would easily spot it there, though.

I'm glad to see the new Mobile Tech category, since it's full of stuff I keep thinking I'll make time to make use of....

Thanks for the suggestions!

I've done a second round of organizing. I've consolidated various discussions into a new section called Nth Square.

There, you'll also find two new categories: Deals and Trading Post.

For now, I'm locking Trading Post until I've had a chance to put together rules for posting. I'll open it up fully, once those rules are up.