New Visible Plans

Two new plans. No party pay. $30 and $45 all in.

The $30 plan is like the old plan minus 5g uw. So a downgrade for $5 more.

$45 has 50gb of premium data, some limited international roaming and calling/texting from the US. Otherwise the same as the old plan.

The old legacy plan is still active for existing customers only and party pay discounts will be locked in 13th October for those on this plan only. So you can still keep that for $25 if you already have it.

The new $45 plan also lets you call to 30+ countries and text 200+ countries.

Referral discount is $20. There is also no new customer discount anymore. So if you are just swapping to get a phone, cheapest monthly service is $10 for that first month.

Looks like there is more to this - they are completely ditching the old visible eg new sim cards required

Now uses the real verizon with no high pings associated with visible. Also domestic roaming included. I'd pay an extra $5 for all of that.