New Verizon MVNO Infimobile?

Does anyone have any knowledge about Infimobile? Apparently, they are a fairly new MVNO that uses the Verizon network with what appears to be fairly reasonable rates. And their plans appear to be available on Amazon and eBay | eBay also.

No personal experience.

Quote below from SD post
There is also a reddit link at the top of the discussion.

It looks like InifiMobile is the same company as InfiCloud which provides infrastructure software for MVNOs. Maybe they have a chance of being around a year from now🤞

I think it was also discussed/compared a bit in an SD post on US Mobile $180 annual plan offering.

Some very competitive offers for VZW network, especially if you don't want to dance with TF. The lowest allotment plan on eBay is new to me. 100/100/500 is not on their Infi website, "eBay exclusive".

They replied quickly (via ebay message) to my question re addon data. "the addon will be active for as long the phone is active"
So the 100/100/500 @$30/yr. can be supplemented with some (expensive) data add-ons (3gb/$18, 1gb/$7) but at least they don't expire until the plan does. Now if it was $2/gb like US Mobile we'd have a real winner here for low use scenario where there is a rare need for a modest data bump while away from the normal scenario use. ~$60 would net 100/100 per month. + 10gb data over the 360 days

I took a further look at Infimobile and while their promo prices are good, their regular prices really aren't that great. I will probably stay the duration of the initial 6 mo. and then let it go.

I'd venture a guess that if they are serious about making a go at building the brand that you should be able to renew at the same or better rates.

What plan did you get?

Curious if it was an "unlimited" plan, they claim throttled speed is 512kbps, would be interesting to hear your experience with that.

I got the unlimited 10GB/$50 for 3 Months + 3 Months free.

I noticed this infimobile plan available on ebay:

Student special : 15GB Highspeed, Low cost Unlimited All Plan SIM Card for $9/Mo (6 months).

So out of curiosity, I hit the "Buy it now" button and was immediately directed to "pay", with no student verification requested whatsoever, which means anyone can get it . I did not purchase it.

Separately, I called their Customer Support (855-484-1855) a few weeks ago and was told by an agent that on their unlimited data plans, after the high speed allotment has been reached, data will be throttled to 256 kbps (this may have changed recently, but I don't know).

Contradictory CS info re throttle speed.
Say it ain't so! :wink:

Will be interesting to see what sblake5 actually sees if she/he burns through the 10GB.

Speaking of throttled data, the $10 plan on Lexvor is an interesting twist.
1GB with unlimited talk and text for $10 a month. After 1GB, speeds are slowed to between 1 kbps and 5 mbps "typical speed".
$20 activation fee.
That's a huge speed range, might be a good deal if you actually got close to 5mbps most of the time.
A short discussion on SD

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Just called Infomobile again 5 minutes ago, and again the agent said the throttled speed would be 256 kbps.
BTW, has anyone else here called Infimobile CS to get a better feel for the company? (855-484-1855)

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All my information came from eBay message replies to my questions.

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