New Ting plans

Flex plan includes unlimited talk and text for $10 per month, plus pay-per-use high-speed data at $5 per shared GB. For customers who use a feature phone or turn off data entirely, it makes for a great unlimited talk and text plan.

Set 5 plan includes unlimited talk and text, plus 5GB of high-speed data for $25 per month.

Unlimited plans include unlimited data, talk and text starting at $45 per month with options for hotspot data (says it Includes up to 12 GB of hotspot).

There is also a $65/mo unlimited plan that has 30Gb hotspot

(borrowed the text from err99 on reddit as I was too lazy)

Seems like the $6 charge has gone thank goodness.

Nice, right?

Yes. What network does Ting use?

Choice of Sprint/T-Mobile or Verizon.

I'm guessing activation of a Sprint only phone may be phasing/phased out.

Correct. No new Sprint activations on the new plans.

Do you know any basic flip phones that can be used?

Alcatel Go Flip should work (supports VoLTE).

Example eBay listing:

The Flex plan is exceptional for light data users who also use a fair amount of voice/text. It's the perfect combination of low price and no hard cap on data. (Well, for responsible users, at least.)

I'm not likely to sign up for this immediately, because I'm pretty well covered right now. But I will certainly recommend it to friends, and could easily end up back on Ting in the future.

I saw this quote from Ting_Bryce on BestMVNO's article about the new plans:

"If you’re going to need to call internationally for the holidays, I suggest you wait to switch over as the new plans will not support international calls for 2 months. After this time, we will be bringing in new rates for international calls but we’re still working on them so we can’t share them just yet. Same with roaming, there's going to be 2 months before the new plans will support them."

@LiterallyUnlimited, do Ting SIMcards have an expiration date or activate-by date?

The new $10 plan will make a great emergency backup plan if it is possible to buy a SIMcard and activate it at a later date when required.

If Ting's SIMcard needs to be activated within a certain number of days, then Tello's $8 plan is much better because Tello allows activation of Sprint phones. In an emergency, much easier to activate with Tello than wait for Ting's SIMcard to arrive.

A definite improvement yes.

No activate-by date. There may be a printed expiration but that's for technical reasons surrounding supporting old tech. There's some confusion on Mint Mobile because they have both and it's not clear to end users that the tech expiration has zero to do with their plan purchase.