New t-mobile connect plans

New $10 plan 1000 mins/1000 texts/1gb

​​​​​​Also $35 plan with unlim talk/text and 12gb

The old 2 plans remain with the usual yearly increase to 3gb and 6gb ($15 and $25) respectively.

Starts Friday 25th March 2022


Came to post this, beat me by a minute (while I was searching for an old T-Mobile connect thread to revive). :wink:

Note taxes are not included.

Prediction of plan price drops on T-Mobile MVNOs -

There is Boost Mobile 100.00 per year plan that comes with U T&T 1Gb. per month

True, but prepaid for a yr. vs. postpaid by the mo. This may suit a person who only wants the line for a mo. or 3.

Also on T-mobile network - If you or a friend/relative happen to live in an area served by Optimum/Altice/Suddenlink you can get 12 mo. unlimited/unlimited/1GB (fast softcap speed) for $20.