New Swap - Hot Pepper Ghost

Seems decent for a swap phone Helio P22 + 4gb ram.

Storage: 64GB + microSD expandable memory1
Processor: MediaTek octacore processor (2.0GHz + 1.5GHz)
Mobile software: Android 9
Front Camera: 5MP
Fingerprint Sensor: Rear
Rear Camera: 13MP
Dimensions (Inches): 163.4 x 77.7 x 9.5mm
Weight: 160g
Display size, resolution: 6 inch HD+ 1440x720px
Battery: 3,850 mAh

I was sort of expecting this. Reviews for this phone aren't very good. Visible may just be getting rid of inventory and not restocking this model.

I'll still order one to check it out, as I'm sure it's worth more than the phone I'll trade in (old Verizon 3G phone with a non-working camera).

Made in China?

Seems to be similar specs as the zte a7 prime which several on here quite liked. I guess it depends on your expectations for the phone. The reviews all seem to be basing this on its $199 price tag. It would be awful for that price.

Bands/support for other MNOs??

GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS: B1/2/4/5/8
LTE: FDD B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/25/26/66/71, TDD B41
w/ HPUE Support Verizon & Sprint 2x CA configuration

This one is a good deal better than the A7 and A10 in terms of versatility. It's supposedly fully unlocked with no need to force 3G mode

Is transfer a number required for swap program?



Seems comprehensive but I'm not really up on this so I'll ask this way - What are the most glaring omissions re bands & what carrier does that omission apply to?

I think cdma is the only thing really missing. It says it is certified for verizon but may require a mvno that can add cdma-less to the line. As for sprint it has the lte bands and says supports carrier aggregation. But no cdma seems odd. I don't know if it will work on sprint properly/if it is whitelisted.

Att is missing bands 29 and 30 but I don't think they are significant to most people.I think verizon sometimes uses 46 and 48 but again not used much. Tmo is covered.

Att and tmobile look good and verizon should be good if you get the right mvno. Sprint is the question mark in my opinion.

No band 20 which limits use in Europe some.

I generally concur. Sprint is a big question mark. Verizon might not be an issue next year when their CDMA is deactivated. You can live very easily without 29 and 30 for AT&T.

As for overseas, it's also missing 28 for S. America. I wouldn't sweat too much about not having 20 for Europe because bands 1,3, and 7 are usually good enough.

In any case, you are only spending $20 + a crap phone in exchange for a month of unlimited service and a new budget phone. This is not an iPhone X.

So, I ordered one of these this morning. This is from my order history page:

Hot Pepper Ghost
Metallic Navy | 64 GB | HPQ1WGHOSTVS Free
Visible SIM Free
Fed Ex next-day shipping Free
Gold Rush After 2 months service

I wonder what is "Gold Rush"? A rewards program that hasn't been officially announced yet?

Yes I can't activate mine on Tello so looks like sprint is out.

As for "gold rush" no idea. After 2 months was when they would give the mastercards. Maybe gold rush will replace it.

Pretty decent phone for $20. Apparently you can get $7 back by going via rakuten which I missed. But it is a lot better than the reviews would indicate. Closer to the blade 10 but not as stylish and the camera is a bit meh. The display is a but cool but expected at this price point. Comes with a tpu case and pre applied glass screen protector which is a nice touch.

Which type SIM card did you use for Sprint? I just got my order from FedEx and want to test.

Multiple post in Slickdeals lamenting that this phone won't work on Sprint. That seems to contradict Hot Pepper's claim that it does work on Sprint

Never got that far. Won't pass the imei check. Probably indicating it isn't whitelisted for sprint.