New Redpocket AT&T plan

Redpocket AT&T unlimited talk & text with 5 gb LTE ( 2g speed after) $30 per month with auto pay. Not too shabby!

Wow, that is VERY good!

Yep, Gonna give it a try, 5 GB LTE and unlimited everything was just too tempting to pass up. Shouldn't be too hard to pay with gold after the initial purchase of the sim card.

Lots of competition for 5gb on ATT. Good for the consumer.

Quote from Redpocket Support on Slickdeals thread...."Currently Red Pocket is offering 5GB of un-throttled LTE data on this plan, on the largest GSM network in the country, as a limited time promotion. The plan normally includes 3GB of LTE data, but subscribers will receive 5GB with each plan renewal during the duration of the promotion".

It appears as if the 5 GB LTE will only be during the promotional period and would revert back to 3 GB LTE after the promotional period.
Less Attractive for sure!
ROK Mobile goes to 4GB permanently, not just a promo.

Nice find! Competition is definitely heating up. Would love to see the Redpocket promo stick around for awhile, but if not it's good to know there are options.

from PrePaidPhoneNews:

Red Pocket is offering a new 360 day plan in their ebay store-- unlimited voice (including international to 70 countries), unlimited text, and 5GB for $240/year. ($20/month). This plan is available on your choice of AT&T or Sprint networks, but not on Verizon or T-Mobile.
Not a great fit if you're using CellNuvo to pay your Red Pocket bill, but a very good price. If Sprint fits your needs best with this plan, they will apparently send a Sprint SIM at no cost, too.

Now we just need one of those 20% off coupons

PGETTHEAPP gets 15% off everything in ebay app until 11am PT today. Brings this plan down by 36 bucks.

Well.... how about 15% off, if you buy through the Ebay app and close the deal before 11:00 AM PST March 30?

This deal is back again! [App Required for 15% off = $17/mo] ENDS 1PM Pacific Time