New Moderator: KentE

Hi Nth Community,

I'm happy to announce that I have asked @KentE to be a Moderator and he has graciously accepted! As of today, KentE will be Nth Circle's first citizen mod!

As most long-timers are aware, KentE is one of the most active, helpful, and knowledgable members of the community. Over the years, he has freely shared vast amounts of information, insight, and assistance across a variety of topics related to mobile telecom and service providers. And to top it all off, he's probably one of the nicest people you'll encounter at Nth Circle.

I look forward to KentE continuing to participate in the forum, as he always has, but now with this extra duty to help moderate things when conversations go awry or when spammers swoop in (hopefully seldom).

Thanks again, @KentE, for stepping up to this responsibility!



Perfect choice. Thank you KentE for all your expertise and hard work.


Congrats KentE

Smart, experienced, patient, kind and judicious---simply the best choice!

Congrats, KentE!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the kind words!

Sorry this reply is late in coming. Busy times at work. I couldn't manage to log in last weekend, and pretty much screwed things up by trying a lot of different combinations in quick succession. Finally had enough time to go through my email, and realized that hungryghost had sent me a clear set of directions on how to log in once moderator status was granted. (Doh!....) Of course by then, my flailing around had made it more complicated.....

I guess the takeaway is don't expect me to be a quick learner....

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Congrats KentE
We'll all push / pull each other up the learning curve :wink:
I'll thank you all for the shove / tow in advance :slight_smile: