New Mint Promo - Buy 3 mo, get 3 mo, so avg $10/mo

... add BeFrugal rebate of $10, make that $50 for 6 months of svc with 8GB LTE each mo. So a tad over $8/mo.

"According to the T-Mobile MVNO, this promotion will only be available until September 9, 2019. Users need to activate service within 45 days of purchase otherwise, they will not be able to take advantage of the offer."

So looks like a great next step after your Sprint 1 year free ends...

This deal was already posted here. However thanks for the further clarification.

Oh, Rakuten has $20 rebate, even better. So $40 for 6 months, making it just a tad under $7/mo.

Thanks for the link.

Update. The free three months just kicked in with no problems or hassles.

Glad to hear that one worked for you, als!

Seems like heading into, and through, the holidays this year, there were fewer ultra-low-cost phones to be picked up. A good selection of factory-unlocked phones at decent prices, though-- and a bunch of really good discounted plans.