New limit?!

I just got a email telling me that I can purchase a new phone only ONCE per year. What the heck?

Have you already purchased a phone?

It seems likely that this may be an attempt to control cash outflow, but it may be a policy they back away from quickly, or modify..

Let's say that someone purchases a Moto G5 plus.
Another individual wants to buy Tracfones, at $50-$70 a pop. It doesn't seem like the cash outflow is worsened by allowing 2 x $60 purchases compared to the Moto.......

It's quite a transition for a company that worked previously on regular low-$ outgoing transactions. There are some in this forum that have quite significant Gold balances, and this is probably another method to prevent too many cashing out large balances in a short time frame. Such a policy isn't fine-tuned enough to yield the result they need without having unintended limitations on others.

Yes I got the message too about the 1 per year.

Wait is the 100 gold limit excempt from phones or did they say we are limited to 100 off a phone.

confirmed. I also got it and I have not been able to purchase any phone. I tried on eBay

Would be nice if they would tell us in advance these things.

Stonewalling at its best

I find this really annoying that they limit our monthly limit of spending AND limit our amount of times we can spend it. Ie. One phone per year

1: make a new nuvo account.

2: earn enough for another phone.

3: ship phone to friends/relatives address using their name.


5: profit


I have a feeling that would be perfectly fine with CN. The possible issue for CN at this time is that some of us have Gold stockpiled, and redemptions may be outpacing income. A new account earning enough for a phone purchase provides current income to CN to counterbalance redemption.

So punishing people who already stockpiled seems unfair at best.

They should be rewarding people who swipped.

Why is a person with 100 gold equal to someone with 1000?

CellNUVO is a young company that probably has unpredictable cashflow. It would be easy for a "run on the bank" to clean out their accounts, so I understand the "why".

I think the one-phone-per-year policy is ill-conceived and, like Kent, I suspect that it will be short-lived. I think the $100/month limit is enough of a restriction to protect cashflow. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get rid of that rule.

Maybe we should all send an email to Tom?

If we all do, then we might actually get somewhere

As Chelle said CN is “young” start-up company so their cash fliw isn’t as big or plentiful like orher well-established companies like Verizon, Apple, etc. Though may be inconvenience, I understand the restrictions. I have not cash my golds as I have all the phones I need right now!

My main issue is that cellnuvo doesn't tell us ahead of time. It is almost like they're making things up as they go along


I agree on both counts, and with the observations from SuccessOne. Information like this should appear on the website, and not gleaned & shared via individual messages from Customer Service.

I payed 10 gold yesterday for my monthly red pocket bill. It went through. I try 90 gold for the phone installment plan and it's not going through. I've done this last 2 months with no problem for 180 gold...

Not go through? Delayed?

Just email support. I always seem to have to half the time

Support is looking into it. Said I should be able to put in 100 gold a month

Mark, any update in your case? I just put 90 gold no problem. (but this is my first transaction for the month)