New Game Idea's (What would you like to see)

New Game Idea's (What would you like to see)

Some like the new bingo game others would like to just see higher paying ads

Whether you like the new game or not. One thing is unmistakable. The amount of ads and payments have increased dramatically from just 7 days ago.

1). What are your game ideas?

A). My suggestion would be to have something like the Hangman game. Where you spell words. For example Libman or cellnuvo.

  1. what type of games would be more fun to play while you are swiping?

  2. besides winning silver match all jackpots. A choice of winning 10% swiping BONUS for 1 year.
    What are your ideas?

What are your suggestions?

Something like stripping poker or those majohn games where you can see things when you hoo...

How did I know that would be suggested?