New CellNUVO Roaming Rates

To enable roaming email

Roaming Rates

1 roaming text = 3 silver credits 1 roaming min = 80 silver credits 1 roaming MB = 210 silver credits
Regular Rates

1 text = 3 silver credits 1 min = 20 silver credits 1 MB = 20 silver credits
International Roaming Rates

International roaming will be available soon. Please check back for final rates.

I emailed support and asked them a few questions one of them was the pricing for the new roaming rates. These are the rates they sent back to me. They are still looking into my other questions and I'll post the answers in the appropriate threads when I receive them.

Wow. Roaming minutes went from double the price to quadruple.

[strike]Going by buying credits at $10 for 9000 it's cheaper than it use to be. Old roaming min used to equal 16c/min,[/strike] new roaming min equals about 9c/min. Old roaming rate may have been equal to 8c/min.

[strike]Before roaming was 1 min = 40 credits so that is the same since 1 credit = 2 silver.

Not sure what the old data rate was but data roaming is always expensive. Text roaming is the same as regular so that is good.[/strike]

I thought it used to be 40 credits too but according to Ente it was 20 credits.

My memory must be failing then. I thought I remembered that it was 20 credits for roaming minutes, before.

Oh okay my mistake - then that has become much worse. Though still decent comparing the cash cost. It is all free to me and I hardly use it so it is a nice thing to have available for emergencies.

Looks like my memory is failing me. It is all this doubling and tripling and double doubling.

What is the international rate for voice?


I finally got a respose from CellNUVO about international roaming.

"International roaming will be available soon. Please check back for final rates."