New bug: Pending swaps not becoming available when due

Had a swap due on the 10th but it remained in pending.

Looks like pending swaps are not completing and becoming available as they should.

Hmm... that's not a good sign. I'm also getting concerned about pending E-Check payments. I requested one on March 29th but it still has not processed. Hope everything rights itself soon.

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I'm sorry but CN needs to get their stuff straightened out. Is there anything that works right with ths app? Anything?

Any further update on this, Please?

Yes they fixed it today. They say that most have been maturing successfully but a few isolated accounts are having issues. Just contact support if you have this issue and they will fix it.

Echeck payments are delayed beyond the 10 days. Amazon payments seem to be processing pretty fast as a friend of mine got theirs in 5 days.

A batch of echecks were processed tonight. Hope you got yours DD.

My swap was stuck still as of today (since the 11th). Support now involved.

I got mine.

Yes, I did, and it e-deposited just fine. Thanks for the assist! :slight_smile:

My 1 month swap just matured successfully without support's intervention, and I was able to request an e-check.

Okay, so they released the swap after support was involved. What worries me is that there is more than expected and I can't see from where.... Sure, that's nice if it is valid. Still, I seriously worry about this company going under if they keep up the current performance. Time will tell once I contact support again prior to requesting funds.