New AT&T Prepaid phone - locked to AT&T for 6 months?

I seem to remember that an AT&T Prepaid/GoPhone could be immediately used on an AT&T mvno. Does anyone know if that's still the case? Or has AT&T changed their rules now?

I am thinking of buying one of the AT&TPrepaid phones that show up at Walmart or BestBuy, for use on Freedompop or RedPocket AT&T. But if AT&T has started enforcing 6-month locks to AT&TPrepaid, that plan is obviously out for me. Hopefully folks here can tell me of the latest developments. TIA.

While AT&T is no longer offering immediate unlocks, like they were for some time, I believe that they can still be used, immediately, on any AT&T MVNO. I try to stay up on this sort of thing and haven't read anything to contradict that.

Takes 180 days now...

What does? Complete unlock or ability to use on an AT&T MVNO?

I think the 180 days is for a complete GSM unlock (allowing use on T-Mobile network, etc.). Last I knew (Christmas season), you could still use immediately on an AT&T MVNO without unlocking.

Nope, does not work for Freedompop LTE SIMs until after 180d unlock.

Thanks for this. I was not aware of the change.

Thanks folks. So I guess there's no point in me keeping an eye out for those AT&T phones. Quite a shame how things seem to regress for the worse in mvno and prepaid worlds!

Perhaps you feel you are being mistreated...

Hey PEW, by any chance, did this happen to you on an iPhone? I ask because over at HoFo, I remember reading that iPhones are the only phones listed on the AT&T-Prepaid website as needing 180 days to be unlocked. (Should have bookmarked that thread, can't seem to find it now). If yours was an iPhone too, then there's still hope!

Correct, it was a SE.

That's great, PEW! So there may still be hope!!

I have two prepaid phones working on FP now. It could be only for iPhones. My phones are android.