New and FREE?

"TextNow has just made a huge announcement over at their website. The Sprint MVNO has just launched their talk and text cellular service. And the best thing about the announcement is that it is free."

How would one get the Sim card that is necessary

This thread is already up re TN newest offering of free "cell" (really VOiP via sprint data) service.

SIM discussion also already in that thread.

Not sure why this is under cellnuvo

... because I addressed it to Cellnuvo alumni.

"Cellnuvo alumni" can't read the other thread and keep all the basic info. in one thread?
Instead of spreading out among multiple threads if people are looking for very basic info.

Never mind a kind nth member pmed me with the simple explanation. That could of been stated here and wasn't.

For ease of finding....
If you already have a Sprint network SIM card for your device, you're good to go. You can source it elsewhere, or purchase from TextNow-- no dedicated provider SIM is required.

The info in the earlier thread linked by redrotors is very comprehensive for this early stage-- much more comprehensive than anything I could find in official sources sharing info from TextNow. NthCircle seems to be the best knowledgebase!

3 months free on 2nd Feb starting 3.15pt.


Hope the site doesn't get overloaded

The mintmobile offer looks legit.
At first, I thought it was a groundhog day joke.


Could I use this free service with an old ZTE speed2 for RingPlus?


Yes, if you're asking about TextNow.
Probably not, if you're asking about Mint.

Thank you, Ms Beautiful.

Thank you buddy. Ltns.

rick says actual cellular service. not voip

Rick is incorrect

I think the linked article is technically correct-- but it doesn't say that it's not VoIP.

The article says it's "actual cellular service", and it is-- although limited cellular data service used to enable VoIP, not true cellular voice.
I don't know whether the author understands the difference, or whether he's parroting TextNow's press releases, which take the same 'technically true, but not what we're encouraging you to think' approach.

As a data point, I'm familiar with TextNow's previous plans, not a novice to alternative phone service, and read every early press release I could find about this offer. I still came away with thinking that it might be 'true cellular voice' fallback when WiFi wasn't available. (A big thanks to the early testers here who cleared that up quickly!)

Even as VoIP, this is still a game changer for some people, and a handy extra option for others.