Netgear Zing 4G LTE Hotspot (CDMA) Used: $50

Just saw this deal. Might be gone, and might or might not be a good deal.

It's a nice Zing hotspot, on the Sprint network. This is one of the few that's been reported as running okay plugged into USB power, with the battery removed. I don't own one, so I can't confirm.

The cost is higher at $49.99 than FreedomPop sometimes offers on special promo-- frequently $19.99. The catch with many of the hotspot offers is that they sometimes include additional charges for first-month features, instead of the "free trials". This offer has no added first month startup costs, other than $6.99 shipping. When I click through the offer, there is also a 20% discount applied, which I think is part of a short-term across-the-line device discount-- I see total cost of $46.98 including shipping.