NET10 / TracFone Monthly Plan Stacking?

I am trying to answer a few questions.
NET10 annual plan going to end soon. It is unlimited/unlimited/1gb per mo.
Would like to "purchase" a 1 mo. (U/U/2gb) plan with rewards points and add it to the line.
Do I have to wait until the last day of the annual plan to purchase/add the monthly plan or can I "purchase" (redeeming rewards points) a week or so ahead and it will stack on at the expiration of current annual plan?

Is it possible to redeem points for 3 or 4 monthly plans and "stack" them?

I'd like to be able to not have to set a reminder every month to "purchase" & add a plan on every monthly expiration date.
NET10 has auto renew but it does not apply to rewards points balance redemption.

I have no experience with this and have received conflicting information from NET10 CSRs.
If anyone has experience or a faq I missed, even if it is with TF I'd appreciate the benefit of your experience.

I'm not a Net10 user, but Tracfone. I know sometimes there are differences in how the 2 operate.
On Tracfone, the plans that are similar to the Net10 monthly plans are the Unlimited Talk/Text plans, since these have balances that expire monthly rather than the traditional Tracfone method of filling buckets that roll over.

On Tracfone, on a line with Unlimited Talk/Text (expiring monthly) plans, I have added a monthly plan before expiration, and it renewed to that monthly plan on the expiration date of the old plan. I opted to convert to the traditional "bucket" plans after month 2, also added that refill before the end of month 2, and again it rolled over to the new plan on the expiration date of month 2. I have not tried stacking the Unlimited T/T (expiring monthly) plans past one month "in reserve"

The closer match to your situation might be Total Wireless, Straight Talk, & Simple Mobile., since they also have 30-day (expiring) plans. Of those, I only have a little experience with Simple Mobile. I think Simple Mobile's phrasing is that an early refill goes to your "reserve" and will start at the expiration of the current month. I'd be worried about adding different value plans to your reserve, since there doesn't seem to be a way to select which value plan you want used first.

From Net10's TOS:
"NET10 Reserve: With NET10 Reserve, you may purchase and add to your Account one or more Monthly Plans. If you have a Monthly Plan in your NET10 Reserve, it will be automatically applied to your Account on your Service End Date. You may redeem the Service Plans in your NET10 Reserve at any time prior to your Service End Date, however, if you do so, you will lose any used service under your previous Plan. If you are enrolled in Auto Refill, the Plans in your NET10 Reserve will take precedence over Auto Refill and will be redeemed before an Auto Refill purchase is processed. Customers with Monthly Plans in their NET10 Reserve will also be unable to purchase Pay-Go Plans until all Plans in their NET10 Reserve have been applied."

Thanks KentE.

Yeah, the current plan is really a monthly unlimited T/T (1gb) plan paid annually.

Will transition to using rewards points to get monthly unlimited T/T (2gb) plan, monthly.

I appreciate you (or anyone reading) sharing their pertinent experiences on any of the TF brands.

ETA: Thanks for finding & posting those TOS KentE, I had indeed missed that. Strange about that paygo wording since as far as I'm aware NET10 doesn't have paygo plans, maybe some of it might carry to add-ons but I suspect it is language carried over from other TF brands that have paygo.

Seems reasonably straight forward for my case scenario although I think I will wait until day before or day of to do the first plan purchase transaction for the transition from the annual paid monthly 1gb plan to the monthly paid 2gb monthly plan

For net10 - if you buy an add-on (i.e. more highspeed data), that will remain until it is used up or your plan expires. I did this for an annual plan that needed more highspeed data

If you buy a service plan, it will add onto the end of your existing plan. So if your 1 year plan ends Jan 20th, if you purchase the 2GB unlimited plan, it will update your expiration to Feb 20 and you will be on that plan starting Jan 21. I haven't purchased more than 1 at a time, but under that logic, it should just keep pushing out the expiration date.

Thanks ajzwilli.

As long as purchasing via rewards points redemption is treated the same as $ purchases it looks like I should be all set going forward, just probably add one reserve mo. at a time when convenient.

I'd forgotten that Net10 still offered PayGo plans, until someone recently pointed out that they still do: on the Plans Page, select "Basic Phone". They are indeed a holdover from the old days, and at least the terminology resembles the early Tracfone single-bucket system, that tracks usage in Minutes only, with a conversion rate for text and data. (I can't confirm that it actually works this way, but it reads as if it does.) Net10 certainly doesn't make it obvious that the option still exists.

Both options I gave were based on my experience in using points.

Sounds like it has the same reserve system as total wireless.You can stack those and use reward points. Reward point redemptions are the same as using $. Not sure how many but I think someone said it was 12 max at a time going from memory. Of course net10 could be different but I doubt it.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate you sharing your experience/knowledge in re to this.

Yeah, I don't see why TF would bother to go to the effort of making Net10 plan renewal much different than their other brands. I just never had experience with any of them in re to monthly. Just annual plans and on Page Plus, paygo (& yeah. Net10 does a great job of hiding their paygo).

It will be interesting to see what VZW does with all this. Will have to keep a sharp eye out for any rewards points depreciation rumors.