Need Persistent Reminders on iPhone

I don't have any experience with iPhones. Was recently gifted an iPhone and have been trying to get used to using it.

The thing that bothers me the most is the lack of persistent sound notifications. KentE mentioned in the other thread the 'Missed Notifications Reminder' app by Eugene Popovich. I have used it on my previous Android phones and that's what I desperately need for the iPhone. Haven't been able to find anything.

Any suggestions? iPhones seem to be designed to minimize notifications, but I want to be reminded that I missed a phone call or missed a Google Voice text. What do iPhone users do to get persistent reminders? Is there a solution, other than obsessively checking the phone to see if I have missed a call or text?

Please help! Thank you very much for any helpful suggestions.

I'd navigate to swappa and sell it :slight_smile:

And buy yourself a nice android.

Notifications are a weak area for ios. I think many iphone users are checking constantly and using their apple watches and ipads and all that.

I think you can set some notifcations to stay on the screen until you clear them but i am not aware of any persistent sound reminder option.

On my iPhone 8 issued by my employer, I have an option to schedule notification summaries on any apps on which notifications are relevant. I have this function turned off, so I can't tell you how well it works. Notification summaries is a new feature that started with IOS 15...I certainly don't have it on my personal iPhone, which I've purposely not updated from IOS 13.6.1.

Phoniac, thanks a bunch for bringing up this issue with iOS, and I'll be watching for suggestions!

I, too, have my first iPhone, and haven't had much time to try actually using it on a regular basis. For my job, persistent notifications is a must-have. I'm frequently on jobsites where 'being available' is a necessity, but noisy environments and hands-on tasks make me either miss, or ignore, an initial notification. I have neither time nor inclination to pull out the phone at frequent intervals to see if I've missed something, and rely on persistent notifications to catch my attention.

A smart-ass reply that made me laugh-- and might actually be the best solution.

I think this is indicative of why some non-iOS users are so resistant to iOS. Apple has already decided what features you -should= want (and they're probably right for a majority of users) and they've provided them in a relatively simple, relatively robust, method. But if you're a user that really does need something outside of Apple's pre-conceived notions of how a phone should work.... well, there are threads like this.

I'll be keeping my 'new' iPhone, because there are some things that are more easily possible in iOS world-- including a currently functional dual-SIM option. Remains to be seen whether I'll just be 'keeping' it, or actually using it.

Unfortunately, I am stuck with the iPhone and selling is not an option for me.

Since I am stuck with it, I have been studiously exploring it. The notifications summary bingyee mentioned isn't the solution because it is designed to reduce notifications. In fact, after reading Apple's support manual for iOS, I have come to the conclusion that iPhones are designed to minimize notifications. There is this new feature called Focus - Apple expressly says that it is designed to minimize distractions, by which they mean minimize notifications from apps, minimize calls, etc.

KentE's situation is exactly like the one I am facing. I need to be able to hear the calls ring, and if I miss the call I need to be able to get repeated sound reminders that I missed the call or missed the text*. Surely there are others with the same need, but who don't own Apple Watches or iPads? Please keep the suggestions coming. Thank you, all.

*The only "repeated notification" provided on the iPhone is for texts on the native test messaging app - but those too aren't persistent enough - a max of 10 reps, every 2 minutes, is all. By contrast, I used "repeat forever" and "every 5 seconds" for my desired notifications on the Missed Notifications Reminder app!