Need help on getting a Sprint phone unlocked

So I have this Samsung S6 that is a Sprint phone. It is a native Sprint phone. I used it on Tello many years ago, then on TextNow. Never used it on Sprint post-paid. It isn't on any carrier right now.

I really like that phone and I'm hoping I will be able to use it with T-Mobile in the future. Any ideas on what I'd need to do to achieve that? TIA.

Have you tried putting a T-Mobile MVNO SIM in the phone? It doesn't need to be an active SIM.

Wishing you better luck than I had trying to accomplish the same thing. Sprint wanted a receipt showing I originally bought the phone, TMo was only interested in selling me a new one.

I don't think a Galaxy S6 issued by Sprint will work on T-Mobile without unlocking. I think Sprint-T-Mobile cross-compatibility on the Samsung flagships starts with the S8.

The only option I can think of is an eBay vendor who sells remote unlocking services. I think there's one vendor in Switzerland that is fairly cheap. Beware, however, that this involves giving the vendor access to your laptop via Teamviewer while the phone is connected by USB to your laptop. I've thought about doing this to unlock an A10e locked to Boost but I want to do a wipe on an older laptop first.