Need 2.71 app, can't use Play store. Help a guy out?

I basically banished Google connectivity from my android phone (saves battery and privacy at the cost of user-friendliness) but as a result I can't access the Play store. I downloaded the previous versions of CellNUVO's app from but as of this writing they don't have anything newer than 2.61

CellNUVO "support" told me I need the newest version of the app to top up my service since I'm a legacy user (my phone # in the app is still the one CellNUVO lost when they refused to pay Sprint) and my phone # doesn't match up with what redpocket has on file.

Just wondering if any of you fellow frustrated folks out there can source an .apk compatible with the 4.4.2 OS - or better yet, advise what files to edit locally to change the number listed in my app without having to update.

version 2.74, available here

or via other apk hosts.
It will run just fine on any Android version 4.1 or later.

What privacy issue are you concerned with? Loading the CN app, that probably has some kind of tracker enabled, means you lost privacy. Disabling tracking would probably mean the app would not work. CN is effectively an ad-ware that pays you.

Good point, PEW. The app will not function for swiping without access to Google Advertising ID. I don't know whether it will be hampered for payment requests. has CellNUVO apps that are signed. provides UNSIGNED apps.

Having a signature is a very important security measure - especially for users with root access to their devices. It aids in ensuring an app hasn't been modified with malicious code. Please don't suggest use of unsigned apps, especially when they're linked to entities which have a user's credit card information.

If you have a signed source I'd be ever so grateful.

Recent versions include 2.71, 2.72, 2.74

Google search for 2.74:

I'm not recommending any particular source. It's possible someone has an extracted apk., but I do not.

Perhaps if you have another device., older & not currently in use, you could set up Google Play, download from there & extract the apk to load on your 'real' device?

Found a version of 2.74 that's signed and hashed. Wasn't via this forum, but thanks to the contributors regardless.

Now the question remains: what's the next hassle/roadblock CellNUVO is going to throw at users to prevent me from using my 600+ gold?

I'd like to believe that I have my next five years of cell service covered, but I haven't even had five consecutive MONTHS of using CellNUVO without some ridiculous dysfunction interrupting my service. My hopes aren't high that this trend isn't indicative of future difficulties.

Recently downloaded the App from Google Play and it was indeed running smooth on my Google Pixle until I updated to Android 8.0. Now whenever I will open the app it's simply loading a blank screen and crashing eventually after few seconds. It's very annoying.

Any help/solution? Thanks in advance.

Regards, 9Apps Vidmate
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Sounds like Android 8.0 update has broken something in the CN app.

Check to see if Google Play has a more recent version for an update.
If not, uninstall the app and install a fresh copy. (No worries about losing any point balance-- this seems to always transfer cleanly-- but most would recommend taking a screenshot of the Account information in the Settings menu of the app.... if you can get to it.)

(To be clear-- I don't think there's anything wrong with your Android 8 update-- some configuration in the CN app just isn't working right with it, so the logical route would be for a CellNuvo update or re-install to set up correctly for Android 8.)

Try swipir. It's the same thing as cellnuvo but works better

Download the newest version from APK Pure here: . They have all versions back to v1.08 and up to v3.71 - the newest.

The Swipir app is here:

This is one of the most common problem user faces. I was having the same issue, so in order to resolve it, just follow the mentioned steps (it worked for me)

  1. Un-install the app
  2. Delete the cache and other files of the apps (do it via file manager)
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Re install the app

and the issue will be fixed. Do let me know if you are having problem performing the steps which I have mentioned above or if the problem is still there. Would love to help! :slight_smile:

Timely advice. Thanks so much!

Okay, maybe I am missing something here... did they "come back to life"? Last time I checked, they were MIA and the app was not working correctly.

Some still swipe I guess. Tom Mannix for President coming soooon

LOL! With all that's happening, I've come to the conclusion that anything is possible! Crazy time we live in!

I was being facetious...

LOL, in retrospect, I thought that was the case but never updated the post. Thanks for chiming in!

Swipping still works. How do they have add support? And survey support.