Nebulous questions about CellNuvo

Nebulous questions about CellNuvo.

These are not questions that can necessarily be answered , but are put forth merely as musings.

  1. How many "unique" users have made a redemption to date?
  2. What is the average number of redemptions for all users who have actually made a redemption?
  3. What is the gross number of redemptions to date?
  4. What is the median dollar amount of a redemption?
  5. What percent of CellNuvo ads are "direct response" and what percent are "brand awareness"?
  6. What is the "return to site" rate and avg. duration for CellNuvo advertisers?
  7. How many "unique" and how many "gross” impressions does CellNuvo deliver to an average advertiser per month?
    8)Has any advertiser tracked CellNuvo’s effectiveness?

I've had two redemptions that allowed me to purchase a universally unlocked phone, a 128 GB memory card, and an annual Red Pocket plan.

Hi beautiful, what card? Can it be used in a pc? Is it a good deal?

It was just a micro SD card, from Amazon, that went into the phone. I think it was a Samsung. :slight_smile:

How much? Link? :wink: