Nationwide hotspot

Anyone tried the nationwide hotspots? How does it work? Do you need to have the app loaded?

WiFi Network
Get access to over 4 million hotspots nationwide ( while connected to the FreeUP Rewards app to avoid using your 4G LTE data usage. You can also use the Free UP Talk app to make free app to app calls anywhere in the world.

Remember there are 2 apps: the rewards app, and FreeUp Talk, the WiFi calling app. I thought the hotspot access might be through FreeUp Talk, but the Google Play description doesn't mention it, and your quote indicates otherwise.

I don't think it is anything special. From the FAQs they just mean you to use the spotwifi app which just connects to free hotspots from "reputable" locations like McDonalds, Lowes etc.

So not really an additional benefit of being a subscriber. as it's avail to all of us already, right?

Yes as far as I can tell. Anyone can download the spotwifi app as well.