National Coffee Day

Thanks for your post. Coffee is my favorite food group!

Not to spoil anyone's fun, but have a look here - maybe the cutest funniest video I've seen in quite a while:

(I especially enjoyed the mention of those places that sell drastically overpriced cups full of asphalt flavoured sludge with butchered names written on them. Ah yes, charbucks, the VERY best sludge.)
As I prepare for my 2nd cup of hot water poured over smushed seeds of this day - YUM !!


Thanks for sharing. "Roger" is funny--maybe a sane version of Leslie Nielsen. But he could have also mentioned how coffee was once considered a dangerous and seditious drug by certain rulers who banned it's consumption, with death being the penalty for those who did.In recent times, it is quite astonishing how this baffling beverage has gone from one of the most unhealthful things humans can imbibe to one of the most beneficial, health promoting things one can partake of in the last 20/30 years. Spending $150/$300 a month for "coffee" at Starbucks, and the like, is not my cup of tea, though.

Reminds me of a past visit to a relative who used to live at Long Island, NY...a mind-blowing experience for a country bumpkin to be sure.

What really came to the top of the observations list was the incomprehensible presences of so many occurances of not one - but TWO charbucks stores diagonally placed at so many intersections with traffic lights - wow - and, not one for that local area, but two Oreck stores within a few miles of each other.
Frankly I've never bought such a $pendy vacuum cleaner - and could not have imagined how even ONE such store could cover its overhead costs - let alone TWO good sized locations !!

And concerning the other reply here - I find it absolutely fascinating (though I confess openly that it makes zero sense to me, sorry...):

Especially given that I live with someone that it brings right to mind...
Someone who somehow mysteriously sees everything sort of backwards and inside-out.

Upon the advent of a 'cold', and observing the nice, steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup, the observation is made by me:
'Ah yes - chicken soup - good for what ails you.'

To which the backwards and inside-out reply comes instantly:
'What's wrong with chicken soup ??'
(My positive affirmation in plain english somehow comprehended to be a criticism of some sort...oh dear.)

Good is bad, up is down, compliments are insults and it must also be that enjoyment is...painful ??

Ain't this life entertaining ?!?
(Guess I'd better head for the nearest charbucks location for some nice, thick, overpriced sludge - ah yes, good thing that is over an hour from here as I'll need to be VERY desperate for a 'fix' in order to gag it down somehow.)