My prediction on number mismatch issue

(1) You found an issue...bravo!
(2) Cellnuvo confirmed that it was an issue and invited you to request a dumb.
(3) You contacted support and requested the change...naive.
(4) Cellnuvo was ON IT! (Copyright or/and trademark)
(5) You wait...suffering but thinking wishfully.
(6) You wait... Agitated.
(7) Cellnuvo asked if your numbers match... Play dumb again.
(8) You are pissed off...but you smell shit.
(9) You explained the number change sucker.
(10) Cellnuvo claimed your request has been submitted and you should topup again when number changed happened... It ain't going to happen.
(11) You kept refreshing your account but app number remained intact...why why why? you started cursing.
(12) You contacted support again to inquire number changing process... Whoa, you really should believe in God, so much faith goes to waste.
(13) Cellnuvo asked you for a screenshot proving you did try to topup...Did you really send a screenshot? Are you sure it is not screenshit?
(14) The whole world went into a blackhole... You vaguely saw an another you know what hole.
(15) SOON... Subject to the most disgusting interpretation.
(16) Cellnuvo moved your ticket status to Done and Resolved... WTF?????
(17) You are dumbfounded in the blackhole...You looked up the meaning of shame in dictionary.
(18) Cellnuvo moved your ticket status to Closed...You hate everything.

Hmm, at first glance I thought I only made it to (15). But then thinking back I am on (15) except it's my 2nd lap all the way around this month :huh:

Just an idea: make a copy of these 18 Thesis, give it to jamielih, and when he is soon in Chicago, he can nail it to the door of CellNuvo's office. I dunno, it sort of worked for Martin Luther.:slight_smile:

Take a broom so you can brush the cobwebs off the door first. And be careful not to cover up the "for lease" sign that's already there.

Has anybody been able to get a number changed on the app after Cellnuvo lost their original number and assigned a "temporary" number?

Fantastic -- the Cellular Reformation!!! :slight_smile: Best of luck to @jamielih on this historic quest.

I am at step (17) now.

Actually between (15) and (16)...
(a)You are told number mismatch is not actually a problem... I knew it!
(b)You are invited to top up with your phone number instead of account number... Yes they can say whatever they want, inconsistent or not.
(c) You top up with your number... Fool me three times! ... and I am still a fool. After a few rounds of dumb playing, time to tear off all pretentious support.

Cellnuvo just marked my ticket as Closed. On Christmas day. My ass.

Since my prediction regarding cellnuvo is so accurate, I predict that it will go to hell in two months.

Sorry to hear that.