My freeup just quit working

When I call my phone what I hear is: "I'm sorry, but the person you called has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet, Good bye."

I can't make outbound calls either.

Any suggestions?

Your thread title says "quit working". Did the line originally work, and then stop working? Or did it never work?

They used to work but quit after I linked them to Google voice.

Perhaps an important detail. It's possible the problem exists with your GV setup.
Are you using your Google Voice # as your 'main' number?
Do you get the same failure message if you call out or in via the native FreeUp number?
For incoming calls, try calling the FreeUp # , and see if that works.
For outgoing calls, you might need to set the Google Voice preferences temporarily to 'never use GV #', or 'ask every time' to check this.

You'll need to have data enabled and permission granted to Google Play Services to use background data for Google Voice to work on the phone. (Technically, you might be able to disable one or both and still have GV work for calling for numbers you've previously called, or been called by, on that particular phone via GV.)

If you unlink them from GV do they work ok? If so, you might try linking them to GV once again, and make sure all the settings on your GV account are correct. Also, does data work, and can you receive calls on your FreeUp #, your non GV#?

Just wanted to mention that I have used GV# forwarding to a Kyocera dumb phone with no access to Google play or services and data off, and it worked just fine. But it was set up from and verified on a desktop pc.

I agree that incoming should work fine via this method, if you can get through the verification process. Long story, but I believe outgoing can work via GV with some extra steps, in limited application, without data or G Play Services. The solution is just more confining than most people want to deal with.

With them linked to gv, nothing works, gv or FreeUp, inbound or outbound. Will try to make their voicemail kick in time over 25" tonight. But I don't know how to set up voice mail for them yet. If still no go, will unlink them and see.

Also remember that with GV all calls will go to VM if you have do not disturb turned on. And if you've set up filters (like if not in contact list go to voice mail) In addition, you should know if the "your voicemail has not been set up" message is coming from your GV voicemail or your FreeUP voicemail. Also be aware that some important settings in GV are in the "legacy" settings and can not be found in the "new" settings. GV can be a pain to set up but once you get it working it works! (I've used it for years and made and received over 10,000 calls with almost no issues)

To set up voicemail on FreeUP go to this site and follow the directions Premium Cell Phone Plans with 4G LTE Nationwide Service | FreeUp Mobile

Is it possible to turn off or disable FreeUp vm?
This would be the best way to integrate with inbound GV calls...well that plus conditional call forwarding if you decide to also divulge your FUp number.

YMMV but try to follow this:
Enable or Disable Voicemail
From the home screen, tap the Phone icon.
Tap the Menu button.
Tap Call settings.
Tap Call forwarding.
Tap the required option to disable or enable (e.g. Forward when unanswered).
Make sure the voicemail number is correct, then tap Enable. Note: To disable voicemail, tap Disable.

Could you be more specific on how to set up voice mail? I clicked the link but found nothing about voice mail configuration.

@Hungry-Hog Try pushing and holding '1' to connect to/set up voicemail.

Thank you!

Now I have both freeup numbers' voicemail set up. I can make and receive phone calls via freeup numbers.

They are linked to my Google numbers. For some reason I cannot have both number on use simultaneously. When I call my Google number, I can hear the phone ring for about 1/4 second and the phone will take me to the voicemail box of the number not in use. Anyone has any idea how to overcome this?

In other words, how can I delay the kick-in of voicemail? If the number not in use does not take me to its mailbox immediately, the one in use will ring long enough for me to pick up the phone to talk.

Just wondering if in your GV settings under "Circles and groups" if you have call screening turned off on each setting because if all are on, all calls to your GV# may be going directly to GV voicemail.

Thank you. They are all off. The funny thing is, I don't even know how to turn Google voicemail on. I guess it is automatically on.

Now, when someone calls my Google voice number, the call is forwarded to two of my freeup phones, one of which is power off. The one with power on rings, but it is cut off immediately because the one with power off immediately directs the caller to its mailbox, leaving me no time to pick up the one with power on to answer the call.

If you are saying you have one google voice number forwarding to both phones, you probably want to go in and stop forwarding to the powered off phone. What will happen is the phone that is off will go to voicemail, which causes google voice to say, ok, the call has been picked up, stop ringing the other line. I assume that is not what you want happening.

You should be able to log into google voice somewhere, like in a web browser and stop forwarding to the powered off phone.

You can turn off voice forwarding to any/all individual phones from the Google Voice app loaded on each phone. This is how I have my phones set up, although they're not both FreeUp phones.
If I want to carry phone A, I open GV on phone A, turn on voice forwarding to phone A, and turn voice forwarding off to phone B.
(No need to go to a web browser, or to phone B's settings.)

It appears you need to go to your GV legacy setting page to turn voicemail on and off, and it may have to be done on a desktop pc. Hopefully the following will help. Also, in your GV settings, there's a way to choose a pin# for access to you GV voicemail.