My account is now CLOSED

It was active on 10/16/17 with 0min/0txt/0 mb
Now changed to Closed.

Is it gone forever?

The first pic in the attachment was recorded on 10/16/2017. You see it was on $5 Cellnuvo, supposedly the infinite plan with no expiration. This phone is used rarely, and it was not even turned on for weeks.

The 2nd pic in the attachment was recorded on 11/08/2017. Now the status changed to closed. On top of that it has a 30 day expiration.

That doesn't look good.

Are these done at the same time?

Seems like redpocket have upgraded their refill pages so if they are at the same time the contradictory info (active vs closed) might just be an error. The redpocket info was never really reliable to begin with.

Only way to find out is to contact cellnuvo. Redpocket chat may be able to see what things are at their end but cellnuvo are the ones you need to talk to to fix it.

of course it will be closed since you account has been out of money for quite a while. i bet you will hear your account cannot be validated if you try to make a phone call.

Wow tello sounding better all the time

mmfacemm: the 1st one was captured on 10/16/2017, and the 2nd one just now.

I now find the same location as the 1st one, but still shows as closed.

The following pic in the attachment was grabbed on 11/08/2017, matching the first screen in my first post, saying account is closed.

Hog: the weird thing is the phone could be used for phone calls sporadically even it showed 0/0/0 credits until some time around last weekend.

Definitely, had a Tello backup since R+ folded.

Looks like we're all about to get tinged. Just like ring plus to ting. Cell nuvo to redpocket. After a few months they want u to $$$ or go

that is exactly how i feel. why didnt rplus go to freedompop? why didnt cellnuvo go to tello?

I couldn't waste my time on this any more...
There is no hope to get my original number back. (it was my secondary number anyway)
I would rather go with Tello. Already close my account with RP.
Wish you all good luck.

RingPlus went to Ting because Ting had the staff, and the pull with Sprint to make the transition work. Ting may not have been a good fit for our wallets, but they were a great fit for saving lines, restoring lost numbers, allowing port outs & releasing phones, etc. They enabled the refugees to move where they wanted to move, and gave us time to do so.. In all seriousness, I can't imagine a better exit strategy under the circumstances for R+ folks than we saw with the Ting transition. In my opinion, Freedompop never could have handled it, and it would have been a disaster.

I think Red Pocket is a good fit for providing good service options for CN folk, IF CN/RP can get service working. I don't think Red Pocket has the pull to restore lost numbers effectively, or perhaps the tech staff to handle the extra load of transitioning accounts: and we didn't have the option of moving on early like we did with the RingPlus-to-Ting transition. Maybe there wasn't enough time to plan an orderly switch: maybe Red Pocket isn't up to the task: maybe CN doesn't have the experience to manage the transition: maybe the previous provider going away left such a big void that it's just a huge task to get through it-- and maybe it's a combination of those...

In some ways, the CN/Red Pocket transition is more complicated than R+/Ting, since I think both R+ & Ting handled nearly all of their own number management, databases, billing, backoffice elements, etc. CN almost definitely did none of those besides customer 'billing' on their own, so there's at least one additional set of layers that has to be untangled, and meshed back together.. I'm not sure Red Pocket does all of that on their own, either-- so maybe 2 additional layers.