Motorola Razr is back, now as foldable!

Wow, tempted to get it. haha

Big and very portable---nuff said. $750 for each half. I like that the Razr's edge is not sharp, which hopefully will translate into longevity.

nvm. :frowning:

Two things I noticed

  1. Esim(s) only

  2. 2500 mah battery, thats 700mah smaller than when the v20 launched 3 years ago. (For me 1700mah less, but I have an offbrand extended battery)

I don't know much about Esims, but would that not make this phone useable on any carrier as well as make it similar to a dual sim phone? Also, the battery will probably be sufficient given that it is charged a little each time the phone is open or closed via kinetic energy being transferred to the battery (don't we wish).:wink:

Someone please correct me if I am wrong on this, but I thought not alot of carriers use esim technology except for the major players. Hence it wouldnt make sense for the frugal user.

You are correct.

[i]"For starters, the SIM tray’s absence limits your choice of carriers. Not even all the big US players support eSIM quite yet, and certainly not on a global scale. For example, you’re out of luck if you prefer Sprint in the US, or Vodafone if you’re in the UK. Smaller MVNOs are almost certainly a no-go, so cheap plans are unlikely to be an option in the near future.

There’s also the question of network locking. With the Motorola Razr, purchasing from Verizon locks the phone to the carrier for 90 days until you’ve paid the phone off, at which point you can then switch to T-Mobile or AT&T. Although keep in mind that the phone is missing bands 12 and 14 used by these carriers for rural coverage! In the UK, the phone will arrive as an EE exclusive, so we’ll have to see if it’s permanently or temporarily locked to EE as well."[/i]

I guess if one can fork out $1,500 for a Moto phone, it is assumed that one will not sweat the small details such as sim cards and options for using the least expensive service plan. I did see it mentioned that a sim tray may be added in the future. The limited choice of carriers is a deal-breaker for my pending purchase of this $1,500 flip phone.

Verizon only?

"For all that, it costs $1,500. And you can only get it on Verizon.
I don't care. I've convinced myself. I want it."