Moto G7 Power back in stock

$179 + it qualifies for a $100 gift card.

The Reddit post was from 9 hours ago, so hope some are still in stock for interested parties.

Any idea how many months service you need to pay for until the $100 gift card is sent out?

Looks like 2 months at $40 a month. Here is an expired link about the deal on SlickDeals.

Two months based on close hand experience. If you do the party pay and you do the initial referral (if they are still doing that), the cost of the two months would be $45.00. It's not a bad phone, but some complain about signal. I'd say is not as bad as I read about but certainly not the best. This compared to the other phones we own.

referrals are over but 1st month is $25 so $50 total over 2 months.

Just note you can get the $100 if you byod as well so if you can buy elsewhere cheaper and byod you get a better deal.

This used to be a hot deal at $50 cheaper and a tablet. No wonder it went out of stock.