Moto G6 or Moto G6 Play?

I am thinking about buying the Moto G6 Play. It is $50 cheaper and has the fingerprint scanner on the back, which I think is a better place for it. It also has much better battery. Is it the better deal?

Also I think the lower screen resolution is ok since I prefer larger text. It's easier on my eyes! :slight_smile:

The G6play's 4000 big battery is a major plus, and if the lower screen resolution, and perhaps the slightly not as good camera on the the 6 Play is ok for you, why not save $50.

$190 fro Moto G 6 play on Amazon Prime

Best buy has it without amazon stuff for slightly less

$50 extra for the G6. Personally I'd get the G6 as the processor is better, the screen is better, usb c, better camera. Lower screen resolution will be worse on your eyes not better. You can get that on project fi for $199 and cancel service right away.

If you have amazon prime and an amex card right now some cardholders can get 20% off an order by using 0.01 worth of amex points. So you could get the G6 or g6 play even cheaper.

You might want to use it to upgrade to the moto z3 play. It is $450 normally but you can get $100 off to make it $350. Comes with a free battery mod in the box as well as an amazon alexa smart speaker mod free (worth $149.99).
It is significantly better.

Google is apparently selling the Moto G6 for $199, with no activation required!

I am waiting for the G6 to get to around $150, maybe this Black Friday... :0

Walmart was clearancing the Moto G4 for $49 last year. This was in October or November, before Black Friday last year. So my reference price for any new carrier-agnostic phone I buy is now a low, low, low 50 bucks! I really don't care if it's a 2-year old model as long as it's new to me, is carrier-agnostic, and I get it for a price that low!

Saw the Moto G6 for $199 at Frys... let's see what another month does to the price. :slight_smile:

I bought the non-play Moto G6 several months ago for around $250. I know the prices came down a lot in recent months and during Black Friday, but I don't regret it. It's a great phone and well worth even $250 in my opinion! I think the upcoming G7 might be even better.

Standard retail now is $199 and some even lower. If your credit card has price protection, you might be able to get $50 back.

I had thought G6 would be bigger screen compared to G5 Plus, but it was not... only longer. Although, that means easier to browse through listings/less scrolling... that's a plus.

the bezels of these phones makes it look odd. Even more tall looking than a 18:9 screen would normally look. Still decent phones for the price.