Moto E6 deal from the Hot Deals thread - info adding + question or 2...?

A very enticing offer & loads of info about it is around for use with that deal, I found.

My curiosity was not answered though - my query is this:
For someone like me in a region needing both CDMA & GSM services to avoid the signal problems, will a single E6 that seems to work for either be able to somehow use both types of services concurrently - or;
Does such a thing even exist without needing a special dual-SIM device of some sort ??

I've been quite content to carry 2 phones with me when out & about, but this idea popped into my head, so I'm asking what is most likely a silly question.

Also, I'm adding info here about this deal for anyone who may desire it:

It is said to work on Xfinity - which may be useful to some folks - if it really does...?

Reddit has a dedicated sub to making party plans for anyone wanting to stay on V, cheaper:

Regarding that they want to get assured monthly payments - here is some payment cancellation info:

Use paypal and unlink the account at paypal after signup.

Open the Visible app on your phone.
Tap the Account button on the bottom navigation bar.
Tap the autopay toggle so that it's turned off. "

"To turn off the auto payment in PayPal:

Sign into your PayPal
Click the cog wheel, left of the Log Out
Click Payments
Click Manage Automatic Payments
Click Visible Service LLC
Click Cancel
You will see a pop-up warning that you are canceling future payments to Visible Service LLC
Click Cancel Automatic Payments
You will see a message, "You're good to go"
Click Done "

Seems also that cancellations can be done via SMS:
Text us at 99370

Regarding shipping and such:
(They send the Moto E6 by Fedex & the return is through UPS.)

Here's the FedEX Signature Release Form for folks who may need it:

In case they don't provide a tracking number - you can search FedEx by reference number :

Accesories you can order via the big A which may come in handy (direct links) :
[3 PACK] Glass Protector for Moto E6 = $4.88 prime

Clear Case with 4 Corners Shockproof Soft = $2.89 prime

HTH somebody at least a wee bit.

Google Fi offers cellular coverage across three leading networks (T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular).

My bad, sorry !!
I should have added that all we have for service choices around here are AT&T or Verizon - with perhaps a sprinkle of Xfinity (which uses Verizon due to the tariff restrictions here...).

Also, I seem to recall that G Fi costs more for the one than what we've been paying to use Twigby & Redpocket, together...?

And...even if Xfinity mobile would work here, its monthly bill per line for taxes and data will exceed by far what we pay for Twigby at $12/mo/1GB +taxes.

You couldn't use this e6 for both AT&T & VZW on the fly. You could swap SIMs back and forth but whether you find that better than carrying 2 phones is up to you.

There is a dual SIM e6 but it is useless for VZW CDMA. Are there any dual sim phones that support VZW well? I'm not aware of one. When VZW finally puts CDMA to rest (EOL date is now year end 2020 but they have pushed the date before) maybe there will be a workable solution via a dual Sim phone.

A phone with esim (like Pixel 3a) MAY soon be able to do what you want but it may be a while until MVNO's support esim. You could have one service (Twigby) on the esim and another (freeup) on sim.

Tracfone is reported to be working on a hybrid system (kind of like Fi) that will use a few (all? No one is sure) MNOs and just put you on the strongest signal. ETA, service cost, phones that will be compatible/allowed all big ? still.

Well then, no biggie - just keep carrying 2 phones as I've been doing.

As to any miracles from TF, the final one from that company for me was when I found their LG L34C phones being sold off for $5 & got several of them for us as well as friends to use for MP3 players & even GPSs after rooting & de-bloating them.
That model was such a great little workhorse & I still use mine in the car to play tunes.

Otherwise, I find dealing with TF so distasteful that they'd have to be offering stuff for 100% free for me to even consider using them again - and even then I'd be suspicious & hesitant.

Totally agree re "trash phone" & their "CS" circus. I won't give shady Slim a penny, he doesn't need it. Red Pocket CS has been just as bad if not worse in my experience.

Will still be interested to see what they implement though. They are the 100 lb. gorilla in the MVNO world, may force others to follow/innovate.

Quite a few dual sim phones support verizon bands and work but most require activating on an approved phone and then sim swapping. a few like the iphone xr hong kong version activate on verizon. Umidigi have some relatively inexpensive dual sim phones with verizon bands including cdma if that is what you are looking for.

Thanks, wasn't aware.
Any idea which has most complete band support for VZW & AT&T?

f2 , x or power 3

all are missing 14,29 and 30 for att but those aren't especially important.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and 3 also, if I'm remembering correctly from when I researched them. I suppose if I become sufficiently fed up with FreeUp and FreedomPop I'll find out, since my intent in that case is to replace one sim with Tracfone-V.

I've been hoping/waiting for an ultra-affordable dual-SIM phone that will handle Verizon, or even Sprint, as well.
(My budget is likely $150 max.) I've found a few GSM-only dual-SIM phones that I can live with in that price range or lower, but nothing that does CDMA providers.


I'd probably consider the Nokia 7.1 as the cheapest dual sim verizon phone I'd go for. $209 new but a good refurb on ebay is $150. This one is certified for verizon, pretty much stock android and nokia are good at updates. Probably as good as it gets in this price range.Not sure if it has cdma though which is a problem for mvno use.

There are a couple of blu phones Blu vivo XL and XL+ that are certified for verizon but I am not a fan of Blu. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 used is a nice phone if you are okay with the skin (I don't like it).

'Blu'....sounds very much like 'Ewww' - and quite correctly so !!

I think there are probably some good models-- which I believe neither you nor I have owned!
A friend at work had a R1-HD that lasted a few years before succumbing to a drop and cracked screen. He liked it well enough to buy another to replace it.

I think Chelle has a BLU she's been pleased with, too-- although if memory serves it was on semi-permanent hotspot duty.

I'd recommend that folks consider something different if they're looking at the very low end of the price scale, though.

I'd only recently read that the Nokia 7.1 was certified for Verizon after it's release. I'll have to look at the manual to see how it handles dual SIM. It seems to be the only Nokia dual-SIM certified for Verizon.

I have a Nokia 3.1, and it's dual-SIm implementation is very good. It was totally transparent to set up to use LTE on one SIM for data, and 3G on the other SIM for AT&T voice. (And with T-Mobile VoLTE certification, I could place and receive calls on either SIM when I had Mint in the 2nd slot.)

When last I checked with BLU, none of their models allowed setting one SIM for LTE, and the other SIM for 3G. (Or dual LTE.) I don't know if the Vivo XL was available at that time. That's the feature that I really want..

Visible Moto E6 for free swap was back yesterday.

Moto e6 is back in stock, swap deal still available.

How can you get it?

Buy it on the Visible site.

Very abbreviated - Pick the e6, select swap, enter your swap in phone imei, pay $25 (or $20 with referral code), receive phone, send in trade in phone, enjoy new phone with a month of service on Visible. Renew after the first month or don't, the (unlocked) phone is yours to keep.

Be aware that there seems to be an issue with using this phone on Sprint MVNOs that will not be able to provision data.

Anyone needs a cheap phone to trade here you go: