Moto E6 bafflement

Sometime ago I got the Visible Moto E6 deal & it is a very good phone for my rather plain needs.

I have just one question that has been eluding my finding an answer for quite a while...

This phone has -something- which brings up the unlock screen & when swiped turns on the full screen very easily.

Obviously it is some sort of sensor for light or motion or ???, BUT=>
I haven't been able to pin down just WHAT it may be, nor any way to adjust it, if possible.

It is almost as good as the LG double tap function, which I always enjoyed having.

Will anyone who knows what this IS please tell me its name & how it works ?!?

This has baffled me long enough - so now it is time to ask even if it gets folks laughing at my silly ignorance !!

Thanks for any helpful replies.

Proximity sensor maybe?

As far as I can tell it is motion only.
Not aware of any way to adjust sensitivity, stock way anyway, didn't explore beyond checking developer options.
I did play around with the sensors a bit when I first got it using droid info.

Thanks for the replies here Folks !!

Still quite baffling !!
We had to make the trip (~120 miles) to empty my workspace, lots of which is on the interstate.

Daytime, on the way there - the E6 was in its holder over the dash, and the little clocky circle barely came on at all.

The return trip was in full dark & I'd stuck it into the console 'till I wanted to look at it, then placed it horizontally on the dash's middle shelf, face up.
Barely any ambient light & no overhead lights but the doggone thing kept flickering on & off - very distracting to drive with - so I flipped it face down.
It did not light again - at all - the rest of the way home (1 hour+).

I've tried every sort of stimulus/movement/light trick I can think of & thus far haven't found any deliberate thing that wakes the clocky thing up.

Now I wish I had a working double-tap app I could add to the crazy thing so as to be able to wake it up as desired - rather than the insane thing it comes with !!!

Yes, it does track whether it is face up or face down.
I believe there is a flip to silence feature that can be enabled.
I tried to upload this to my last post but it wouldn't for some reason, now it worked.
When I first got an E6 I played around with the phone, casting this page and doing different stuff to it

Annoying behavior on Motorola phones is often caused by the "Moto Display" setting being ON within the App called "Moto".

I would try enabling and disabling however many options there are inside of "Moto Display" if you want to customize how the phone behaves.

If you never want the phone to wake up without touching it, just turn off "Moto Display" itself.

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The only options to disable on the E6 under moto display are
Peek display
Attentive display
Moto display itself does not have an option to turn it off.

The Moto app can be disabled but that would kill moto actions also. I use the chop light, flip for DND & screenshot editor too much to do that although I'm guessing one could find separate apps to do all those.
Too lazy to bother pursuing that since the sometimes busy sleep screen doesn't bother me, much.

Yay !!!
Thanks for the 'Moto' tips Folks.

Solution thus far = shutting off 'Peek display', then found & added a tiny, free, ad-free app called 'WaveUp', which allows me to wake up the screen very easily as desired.

Since I'll be out after dark soon I'll be able to easily tell with certainty if this is a 100% solution for me.

Thanks Again !!

That's interesting, turning off peek display didn't change the sleep screen behavior at all on 2 different E6's I have.
If I get a minute I'll try it again, may be that there was an update since I played with it over a year (or 2?) ago

Yesterday I used that phone while out for provisions, ~4 hours of on time.
Never saw that annoying blinky thing at all.
WaveOn is great too - a very gtood replacement for the LG double tap function IMO.

Never worked for me as you describe.
Force stopped and cleared data / cache of moto display app, no joy.
Disabled & told it ok to replace with factory version, reboot, restart, update and now turning off peek display setting is acting as you describe One.
Really strange that this was not working correctly on both E6's I have.
Thanks to JVV & you.

Slight update:
Drove places several times lately with the E6 on & in the holder.
Yesterday's trip was ~150 miles total, and it worked very well - no more flashy thing.
I also really like having that WaveOn app - makes it a perfect combination IMO.