Moto E 4 on Tello

Just wondering if anyone has set up or swapped in a Moto E 4 on Tello? When I checked my Moto E 4 on the Tello compatibility tool, it was rejected, even though it is listed as a compatible phone on Tello's website. I got the phone from Walmart and then unlocked it from Verizon using the unlock code and am now using a Truphone AT&T sim in it. Thanks.

That version won't work on sprint as it isn't whitelisted. You need the full priced unlocked one for sprint ($130) or a sprint version.

Yours will work on tmobile or att. You might also be fine with a verizon mvno if you activate a sim first using another device and swap in the sim to your E4.


What do you think of the phone?

No LED notifications. I miss and no separate notification volume control. Same as ringer

It is a real nice phone otherwise. Wish there was an easy app to use that clones other phone like Samsung smart switch

You do get the moto display for notifications that lights up the screen. Is that not something you like? I've never used notification LEDs personally.

It amazes me that in the world of smartphones geared to do whatever an individual needs, manufacturers seem to ignore the basic customizations that are critical to a fair amount of users. Notifications is a great example.Most definitely not a good candidate for "one size fits all" design.

I never had an LED notification to get used to. But I desperately want notification volume control, and 'persistent' audio notification. Seems like a simple thing.....

I'm impressed and very pleased with the phone. For $40 or even $130 bucks it's well worth it. I'm glad Chelle posted how to unlock it. My wife has a Nexus 6, and, regardless of cost, I prefer the Moto E 4 because of its comfortable size and because I do not see much of a quality difference in performance, apart from the Nexus 6 having better screen resolution. I have used a Moto E 2nd Gen. and Moto G 2nd Gen., and the E 4 is far superior to both in my opinion. One funny thing about the E 4 is the difficulty discovered when removing the sim card, where you need to use something to push it out because it can't really be pulled out with one's fingernails. I have not really missed the LED notifications, and there are, in addition to the notification sounds, small , circular icons that appear indicating a Gmail or Hangouts message.Camera: have not used it , so cannot comment. All in all, highly recommended.

For me it does not stay on long enough to read it. I looked to make it longer and I can not find the settings. Even under moto app